H/W or S/F problem

By subash_sathyanathan ·
Hello chaps,

I had a computer but, now it is not working, I wish to know the cause for this problem and the solution to resolve this issue.

The problem in my computer is the monitor
seems to be switch off even its switch on and while booting hard disk red light is not glowing. [actually i dont know whether its booting or not since I cant see anything on the monitor screen]

Please help me to resolve my problem.

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There are several possibilities here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to H/W or S/F problem

Just yesterday I had to tell a customer how to open his box and push back in the Video Card as when his wife was running the vacuum cleaner around she managed to snag the video Lead and pull it so hard that the card was dislodged. Does the monitor Light change colour from it's normal on colour to Standby colour or even throw up a picture telling you that it's not connected?

If it doesn't try disconnecting the Video Lead and see if the Monitor shows that it's not actually connected, if it doesn't then most likely the Monitor has died and needs replacing. If you have another monitor available try it on this computer and see if it works.

In answer to your question if you are getting no picture at all on the monitor it is a Hardware problem that can be one or more of several things ranging from a dead monitor to a Bad Video Card or a dead M'Board. CPU or RAM.

Do you hear any beeps from the internal speaker in the case? If you hear one long beep that should be indicating that the system has passed the POST Process and that the problem is either in the Video Card or Monitor.

If you hear a series of Beeps this can mean many things depending on who makes the BIOS but 3 long beeps generally mean you have a bad RAM stick or Sticks but that's only a very rough guide

I hope that is of some help to you.


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by subash_sathyanathan In reply to There are several possibi ...


I would like to rephrase my question,

My computer is not booting [ the red LED on hard disk is not glowing while booting ]& I cant see anything on the monitor, it seems to be switch off even though its switch on[ the montitor LED is glowing in orange color ].

I understand from your email that, the problem seems to be with the monitor or monitor connection [VGA Card]. In my computer the VGA card is inbuilt in the computer.

I will check it tommorrow if it doesnt work then???

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I have the same problem

by boreonus In reply to There are several possibi ...

I'm trying to figure out what could be wrong with the computer I'm fixing for someone and I have the same problem. I've plugged three different monitors that I know are good (one of which I use for my own computer), and I get the same thing. When I plug it in, the screen acts as if the computer is turned off. The weird thing is, the monitor had worked perfectly earlier that day; but when I brought it to her house, there was no display. There were no beeps whatsoever when I turned the computer, either. So, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Is machine posting?

by Dnixon In reply to I have the same problem

If you're not hearing a post (power on self test) beep, and not seeing the CMOS splash page on the monitor, the system probably is not booting. Could be MB issues. I'm a tech so tell me make/model of computer and I can tell you if it has a history of MB issues.

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monitor problem

by shamozz In reply to I have the same problem

Probably it`s the motherboard`s capasitor problem, check whether all the capasitors on the motherboard is in good condition,change if there`s any bad one.Hope this would solve the problem.

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