Hacked Outlook 2003

By jilliand ·
In my company we use outlook 2003 our mail is stored.Today in my calander that is not shared with anyone I saw an entry on a date I had no meetings the subject was Tuesday and in the notes section someone was typing sentences that made no sense, seemed like code or riddles.

I deleted the appointment and it showed up again under a different date the next Tuesday but no typing this time just the entry.

This is on my internal company network and the internet connection is not firewalled.

Anyone seen this problem before or have any ideas

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First off

by Kenone In reply to Hacked Outlook 2003

Turn on some sort of firewall on your machines. Then get a decent firewall for your company. **** I use a hardware firewall at home and it's just me.
At least use Microsofts' firewall though I think third party products are better.

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Just the tip of the ice burg

by cmiller5400 In reply to Hacked Outlook 2003

That may just be the start of your problems if you are not running a firewall...

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That's you company's problem, not yours.

by seanferd In reply to Hacked Outlook 2003

I certainly wouldn't have any personal data on your work computer, if I were you.

Try speaking to management, or IT. If they don't care, CYA or change jobs.

If you are allowed to install software, try Online Armor for a firewall

Good luck.

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by jilliand In reply to That's you company's prob ...

Thanks for the comments, most of which I am already aware of, much appreciated all the same. Running some non intrusive testing and rootkits right now

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