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    Hackers publish records of Database

    by evileaksatn ·


    The hack was first reported by Darknet today, which said the stolen information was posted to a hacking forum this week.
    The data exposed included usernames, passwords, and emails.

    The resort said it was unable to say exactly how many people were impacted because information that was exposed might be duplicated.

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      Cyber Attacks Vulnerability Analysis is Difficult

      by henrycartersmith ·

      In reply to Hackers publish records of Database

      There is a very thin thread between getting hacked or not. One small mistake either on the server end or the human end can result in devastating results for entire data infrastructure.

      Database leaked records have become a routine problem for cybersecurity and they are unable to take the necessary measures that are required to ensure the data protection of the systems.

      The recent surveys have revealed some shocking stats and answer questions such as why is cybersecurity becoming harder each year.

      Many of the largest and the most damaging cyberattacks in the past few years have been state-sponsored. They were initiated by governments and big teams. The consequences of such actions are very devastating that we are facing as of now. The attacks, in the end, are studied by hackers all around the world the improvise on it and develop more threatening exploits.

      The increase in data volume has also played a major role in this scenario because it has become difficult to monitor data manually and automated methods are not as effective. Many companies have developed a new layer of cybersecurity frameworks on top of existing software to maximize security efficiency but the attacks have become sophisticated and are developed using machine learning techniques. It is harder for small-timers to defend themselves from such attacks.

      This is the very reason it highly recommended to go for a similar solution that is embedded within StoneFly DR365U, they call it AI-powered ransomware protection that keeps your data secure from cyber attacks. It is an all in one solution that is fully compatible with multiple hypervisors including KVM, Citrix, Hyper-V, and VMware. You can easily create and restore backups from it.

      The attackers are also taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation and have used phishing emails to grab security credentials or hack into the device directly which is why having a cybersecurity plan is a necessity for every business.

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