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hackers,adware,and spyware

By yankeemom50 ·
i am having all kinds of things going on with my computer.i have cookies from spyware,and adware,and don't know how to get rid of it.i delete them,but they just come computer is running very very slow.Recipient of the infected attachment: NAV for Microsoft
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Virus W32.Netsky.D@mm was found.
what this means i don't know.i am a beginner,so i don't know how to get rid of this stuff.i have the norton systemworks 2004.but somehow i think i got a virus and don't know what to do.i also have the McAfee personal firewall from a o l,but all it does is block people from attempting to connect to my computer.can anyone help me,and tell me how to clean all this out of my computer???i need help fast. i just don't know what to do.

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Here's a few tips

by Oz_Media In reply to hackers,adware,and spywar ...

Before I go on, I willl explain that technical questions should be posted to the Technical Q&A forum.

With this being a new visit, I'll try and help you here instead.

First of all, you need to add some important tools.

You already use NAV but if you find you get a lot of system hangs and crashes, get rid of Norton and download AVG Free antivirus from:

To scan for adware and speed up the general INternet perfomance, download AdAware from:

I generaly remove NOrton products to resolve MANY customer issues and replace it with the free AVG which is FAR more resourceful and doesn't hang and slow the computer as Norton does.

Run AdAware after surfing for a while or at least once a night, it's quick and gets ads out well.

For the netsky worm there is a scanner to find and remove all the traces of netsky. Most viruses and worms these days add a startup or registry file that reinitializes it when you reboot if not cleaned properly.

You'll see a download link halfway down the page.

Just save it to your hard drive, and run it to scan and remove netsky traces.

Good luck, if you have further trouble you can email me at
Use a unique subject line such as "Tech Republic help needed" or it won't be opened.

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If all else fails

by Aldanatech In reply to hackers,adware,and spywar ...

Oz Media gives you some good tips, and they should do the trick, but if for some reason you are still having the same problem, I would suggest you backup your important files, reformat your hard drive, and re-install the OS all your applications. Now after you format your hard drive, I would also suggest that you scan your computer from a boot disk, right before you install the Operating System. A fresh new start is probably the best idea when everything starts to get out of hand.

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Fungus among us

by AffordblPCRepair In reply to hackers,adware,and spywar ...

Your problem is you are infected with the worm virus w32.netsky.d@mm. You need to get this virus removed and keep your system virus free. One source of removal is to go to select personnal tab and run a free house call online scan. The also make a top of the line anti-virus software called PC-Cillin which you can purchase and download from them (not found in stores). This is software that I reccomend to all my customers.

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