Hacking and help

By DanWayneDang ·
Hello so I need help, my older 19 year old narcissistic tech savvy brother somehow gained access to my Spotify account when I left my emails logged in, he took advantage and looked at passwords stored in there and got Into my Spotify account and he created a account or used a existing account to connect my Spotify account/Id to that account/s he has I don’t know how much he has god knows how much but he’s been scribbling my music to multiple accounts possibly but I’m looking to end this where it goes back to how it was before where whatever accounts he has doesn’t have my music he stored there(I like privacy)and it goes to where like this never happened and music he scrobbled gets deleted and I disconnect my account/Id to his account/accounts but obviously since it’s his account it goes to(and I obviously don’t know the password/s) I’ll have to use hacking or some thing to do this and side note he has keyloggers and god knows what else so he saw everything I just typed so he’s millions of steps ahead unfortunately but it’s affecting me so please how do I stop this since it’s his accounts it’s connected to? P.s. my iPhone 7 battery has been draining insanely fast recently so he’s installed some malware/software running the background hidden that I have to delete. Just to let you know that. And he has access to my Apple ID and iCloud even when I left family sharing and it’s my own and I changed and resetted my passwords. But right now, I’m just focusing on disconnecting all his stuff to mine with the and smoggling, and since he has keyloggers and spyware and god knows what else disconnecting them probably won’t do anything if he can just see what my password is again if I change it. He can see everything I type on my devices so he knows all my passwords. Unfortunately I might have to do deal with whatever is enabling him to be able to have access to my accounts even after I change and reset passwords before doing this. Please help me end this.
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contact to service provider

by ankitsingh213506 In reply to Hacking and help

Contact to Apple care & tell them about the issues. They will help you. Change the all password for now.

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keylogger help

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Hacking and help

If you think you have a keylogger and you have failed to remove the keylogger, then you can delete and reinstall your OS for removing any software-based keyloggers but at the same time always remember that keyloggers that are installed in firmware or installed by using hardware could not get deleted by reinstallation. Take a backup of all your data before reinstalling the Mac OS.

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