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    Hacking and the UDP protocol


    by star_toller ·

    I hope someone can shed some light on this for me, I would really appreciate it. I’m using Norton for my firewall and each time I connect to the web within seconds I get an alert saying there is a remote system trying to connect. It doesn’t give any othe info except for the IP and that it is using the UDP protocol. How am I to know whether this is a legitimate connection or someone trying to hack in on my system. I have tried disabling the UDP comms, but then Google quits working. Can someone help a bruther out here. I would much appreciate it.

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      by star_toller ·

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      Doesn’t sound legitimate to me

      by tony hopkinson ·

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      Normally the alert is backed up by a log entry with more details in it. If you can find that and post it, someone will be able to advise.

      PS don’t post your ip on here or there’s for that matter, it might be they’ve been hacked, or it could be some winders network service

      The port(s) it’s using is usually a good starting point.

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        Firewall Log from Norton

        by star_toller ·

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        Rule “UDP” permitted (,snmptrap(162)).
        Inbound UDP packet.
        Local address,service is (,snmptrap(162)).
        Remote address,service is (,64692).
        Process name is “N/A”.

        This is what is coming up in the log under Norton. And there are a lot of these instances in the log.

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