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hacking the XP

By subhashanarayan ·
In my XP I have DSL Connection. someone trying to hack my machine. It is logged in system event. I want to know from which IP address he is trying to connect. How can I findout ?, any tools ?.


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by Oz_Media In reply to hacking the XP

Just get a basic firewall, software or hardware. There are zillions of intrusion detection programs and all operate on different algorhythms based on the types of intrusion they detect (also based on cost).

A simple search for intrusion tracing will give you MANY different explanations of intrusion forms and ports/gateways used. This is a network whitepaper but a good explanation of tracing and reporting.

For what it's worth, it could be ANYTHING trying to shake hands. If your POSITIVE it is a hacker intrusion, contact CERT or visit thier site at
It is THE best security site on the internet.

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by dluesse3 In reply to hacking the XP

I have just dealt with two at the moment
and Identifying them as hackers wasn't easy I used spybots reganilyzer and viewed identity registry keys you will notice more users then you had set up for your system oh and they will will be listed as administrators

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by cglrcng In reply to hacking the XP a free software firewall, do not set it to stealth upon setup as you don't want the packets hitting a block wall and falling away until you have logged the offending IP address, once you see him and his activity in the log, then set it to high on both ends and close the door. Then report him to his ISP, if he did any damage or you know for a fact sensitive info or files were breached (especially if you use the puter in business), then by all means get the authorities involved.

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by cglrcng In reply to

Just a note; After you do set the firewall to high and close the door, make sure you restart the puter to set those changes, and then watch for programs you did not launch trying to reach the net via the firewall pop-ups and block them. Then go to and get Adaware 6.0 and clean out any adware you might have running, and I would also grab spybot eval. and run it to look for other adware, trojans, etc.

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by cglrcng In reply to hacking the XP

Just dealt w/ one myself using the Norvag virus on an XP Pro Machine, he set the backdoor and was using the Remote gateway to do the nasty deed, but I did what I told you to do and his ISP sent the authorities to his home and caught him in the act while I played hide and seek w/ him killing off processes while he kept shutting down the machine as I killed enough to keep him busy. I was a 45 minute blast really! Sure is strange though when he kept throwing the cursor across the screen to keep me from killing them quickly.

you couldn't make a video game that realistic feeling. It was def. a cyber war...But this time I won! Lol.

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by bsj_molena In reply to hacking the XP

First of all are you logging in as Administrator? If you are you need to create a user that does not have any administrator rights. As long as you are logged in as aministrator, a hacker can logon and do ANYTHING and administrator can.

Second, enable the Windows XP firewall. A log is created of connections that are dropped and give you their IP address.

Go to control Pannel -> Network Connections

right click on your connection and select properties -> Click the advanced tab -> check protect my computer and netowrk..... check box.

The log is named pfirewall.log in the windows folder.

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by subhashanarayan In reply to hacking the XP

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