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hacks the network

By itaudiorperson ·
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by vdh1979 In reply to hacks the network

What do you like to do? If you enjoy being the technical type, go with that. I am a sys admin/engineer and was once given the option to be a programmer, which here pays more. But I quickly realized it was not for me. Go with what you enjoy doing as long as it pays enough to make you happy.

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"natural talent"

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to hacks the network

Give me a break Mr. Big Head...

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by alex@2007 In reply to "natural talent"

I gonna have to agree with TechMail

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Auditors are always going to be required

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to hacks the network

They are goint to be generalists. Network admins tend to specialise so they will more at the mercy of the market.
Personally I'd look to keep up in both aspects, there's as you've experienced a lot of crossover in the fundamentals. Experience in either will be valuable to the other aspect of the job.

If you want to stay in network admin, you'll have to climb on the cert merry go round, HR don't recognise natural talent.


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Network Engineer ha?

by sudartosung In reply to hacks the network

I was a software developer/Architech,.. from PC to iSeries platform.

Choose the field you feel the most you like and make sure the paid is making you happy.

Lower down your self will give more credit,..

Truely speaking Network Engineer most likely just a cable guy to me. :))

point is, world is big, one person with one diciplin is nothing.

read (Jim Collin) book.
have your self an understanding about
BHAG (Big Hairy Audicious Goal)

lucky on you.

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Security Auditor

by Tora In reply to hacks the network

Both work hand in hand especially with security a very critcal part of any large organisation. I'd say use both a single opportunity and use it to your advantage. Good luck in 2007!

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How To Hack

by jayeshb123 In reply to hacks the network


How To Hack All Domain Pl Guide Me To Hack Domain.


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was the penetration done internally? ---_-)

by sinewaav In reply to hacks the network

heh, i will assume so...if not, publicly own your deed and welcome yourself to the wonderful world of freelance consulting; where the money is good, the monotony of the job is fazed out, and after you either audit, encrypt, or program security for a fortune 500 on a major corporate will never have to play corporate politics again...and you will have relative sustainable security as you will possess direct working knowledge of internal information.

to be seem like the type that would never be satisfied ultimately working for someone else other than yourself. for this reason alone, i would recommend any security developmental field over it audit any you will have a greater resource for developing a product or service that you can offer exclusively.

one more thing....just fyi. when you brag about what you can won't ever get respect from your other peers that can also do; either due to them thinking your either full of yourself, full of ish, or both. i'm a humanist however, and therefore do not see the value in us all not helping one another.

good luck w/ whatever decision you make....and trust me on this one: money seldom buys happiness, and when it's quite temporary. in fact, should you ever be unlucky enough to actually make way more money than you will in fact keep you from being as happy as nothing you buy will be truly enjoyable afterwards. happiness relies on foundations of self satisfaction, self sustainability, mutual fulfillment amongst you & your peers, and continued personal growth & development. without anyone of these pillars, you will never find complete happiness.


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by Jacemg In reply to hacks the network

Let's put this in layman's terms. Would you rather show people the weaknesses in their security solutions or fix them arbitrarily for one business? Auditing is a step up and your skills seem much better suited to be an independent consultant. Nothing comes free though, if you decide to be a consultant theres no loafing around in a nice leather chair looking up tech republic. It's always move move move fix fix fix. Your pay grade of course will reflect whichever you feel like doing.

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how to hack the network

by morake_elias In reply to hacks the network

I am IT auditor trainee, want to know how to hack.Can u send some information on how to hack network

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