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Haiti Project

By cybdiver ·
I'm going to take a bold step and you may call me cruel but the recent disaster in Haiti is a perfect storm as they say. The example by which to examin our networks and say, what would we do? Excuse me finance department but maybe now you understand what a disaster is and how possible it is. A big part of the recovery will be finding Haiti under the rubble. The documents of birth, the entire economy was lost. The government was on what little paper they had. Lets ask the question, where is the backup? was there an offsite copy? Was there even an onsite backup? How will they restore it? can it be restored?
What could be done to ensure the continuity of the government? the restoration of the government? Who knows who actually lived in Haiti? 3 million people who are they? Who is missing?
Clearly Haiti will be rebuilt but how should it be done? Wireless? Wired? both?
Before us is an interesting problem that thousands have given their lives to.
I hope they call technology experts for this rebuild since it will not be just a country or city, Haiti was a civilization, with a deep history.
What have we learned? We learned that disaster can and will strike.
It will do horrible things. We can plan and prepare.
When the dust has cleared and the deceased have been morned. The opportunity to build a new nation and new network for the future will exsist.
How will we build it? Prepare it for the long haul?

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One of the reasons we were prepared for Y2K

by JamesRL In reply to Haiti Project

In Canada, is because of our experience with the ice storm of 1998. Four million lost power for a week or more, some for as long as a month. 1000 high power electrical transmission towers collapsed, and 35,000 wooden utility poles.

We learned from that, in terms of planning, and how long an outage might last.

It will be easier to build cell towers for interbnet and phone, but they still need electrical power.

One hopes Haiti has offsite backups of important docs like birth certificates.


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From personal experience

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Haiti Project

It will be a Bureaucratic Decision as to what gets built where and when it gets built. As for as Net Access in Haiti I think you'll find that it is very low on the list of Priorities for the rebuild when this gets started.

The only question that I have is Why couldn't my tax returns have been lodged with the Haiti Tax Office? Everything that they had is now gone and I very much doubt that they will recover any of it. The problem isn't a lack of Paper but the reliance on Silicon Technology. You can loose a filing cabinet of paper without much hurt but loose 1 HDD with the Records on it and they are the only records and that covers the entire nation.


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but a HDD is easier to backup

by .Martin. In reply to From personal experience

a small HDD (even though it is easier to loose) will take up the size of a book, a backup of an entire country in paper, will take up meters of filing cabinets

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True but in a case like Haiti

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to but a HDD is easier to ba ...

Where do you store that 1 HDD?

In a secure safe in the basement of the Tax Office which promptly fell on itself and crushed everything inside it?

It would be easier to find some of those meters of Filing Cabinets than it is to find the one HDD in the rubble inside the crushed safe.


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Truer than you know

by JamesRL In reply to True but in a case like H ...

There is an estimated 130 Canadians who were staying at a hotel in Port Au Prince just prior to the earthquake. They are currently sifting the rubble to try and find the computer to verify exactly who was checked in. But from the pictures, the lobby had 4 stories above it, so its not easy even though they know the spot where it should be.


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And even if they find it

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Truer than you know

There is no guarantee that they can get any data off the drive.

With the amount and type of damage done it's better to just start from scratch and forget about trying to recover anything much. It's going to be horrendously expensive with a very small chance of success.


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OAS Data Project

by cybdiver In reply to And even if they find it

Just a little FYI the OAS "Organization of American States" has a project called Civil Registry that is being implemented across the Caribbean region. Haiti was one of the first countries to begin this project of computerizing such records as birth and death. Obviously the recent disaster has been a setback. What I am trying to find out is how much of a set back and how bad the situation was. As of now I can only find out that OAS did lose some good people and it is still difficult to discuss this matter. So I guess we should look at the human factor as being an issue too. It is difficult to get your head around rebuilding a network when you've lost family and friends.
But life for the living does go on.

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