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By peterbakker ·
Packard bell imedia m822OADRW
Windows XP
256mb ram
80gb hard drive
The computer lost the hal.dll file
I repartioned and reformated the hard disk.
It ran about one week and has lost the hal.dll file again.
I plugged the hard disk into my hard drive and ran check disk and the computer is now going.
Checked for spyware with webroot spy sweeper and for virus's with Avast antivirus pro.
I do not know why it is doing this.
I am thinking about replacing the hard disk or doing a zero format.
Thanks Peter

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by peterbakker In reply to Hal.dll

Have tested the ram and hard disk both tested ok.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Hal.dll

Try the hdd mfr's software to check the drive. It is more thourough than Windows's chkdsk.

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by peterbakker In reply to Hal.dll

Tried the hard drive manufactures software tested out ok.

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by nishanth_ac In reply to Hal.dll

try ewido anti-spyware

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by thenewpl In reply to Hal.dll

I Have included a fix you should perform. If you are not very confident with repairing computers, please have someone do this for you as this operation can damage harddrives if not performed correctly, which in turn some companies will not cover warranty under these circumstances. Please follow instructions CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!....I am in no way responsible for the results of these suggestions, nor is Techrepulic responsible for my advice. Please do a search on debugging and familiarize yourself with what it is.

This routine is useful in clearing DDO and removing possible viruses. If this routine completes successfully it will erase everything from your Hard drive as well as your reset your CMOS values.In the below debug routine, only type what is in bold from line 3 to 17, you will get a response if typed in properly. If you get a response continue to type the bold text as shown below in the below example.

A>debug <enter>
-fcs:200 400 0 <enter>
-acs:100 <enter>
-xxxx:0100 mov ax, 0 <enter>
-xxxx:0103 mov ax, cx <enter>
-xxxx:0105 out 70, al <enter>
-xxxx:0107 mov ax, 0 <enter>
-xxxx:010a out 71,al <enter>
-xxxx:010c inc cx <enter>
-xxxx:010d cmp cx,100 <enter>
-xxxx:0111 jb 103 <enter>
-xxxx:0113 mov ax,302 <enter>
-xxxx:0116 mov bx,200 <enter>
-xxxx:0119 mov cx,1 <enter>
-xxxx:011c mov dx,80 <enter>
-xxxx:011f int 13 <enter>
-xxxx:012l int 20 <enter>
-xxxx:0123 <enter> (without typing anything.)
-g <enter>
program terminated normallyIf you are doing this debug routine to clear out a possible virus turn off your computer and wait ten minutes and turn back on.
-q <enter> This will quit the Debug command

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by thenewpl In reply to

My apologies (Bold Text you must type)

at the A: prompt type debug (hit enter)

after each entry, hit enter

-fcs:200 400 0
-mov ax,0
-mov ax,cx
-out 70,al
-mov ax,0
out 71,al
inc cx
cmp cx,100
jb 103
mov ax,302
mov bx,200
mov cx,1
mov dx,80
int 13
int 20
type nothing here, just hit enter
now type the letter g to execute and you should get a line stating program terminated normally.

Type q to quit debug ,,,turn system off for ten minutes and go back in and reset cmos values.

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by thenewpl In reply to

Leave out the - when entering commands......sorry,,,where is the edit button on this site to edit your suggestions??

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