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hal.dll error New Maxtor 300GB Installed

By winston_tan ·
I had recently purchase a new maxtor diamondmax 10 SATA 300GB 16MB Cache hdd and also the new creative x-fi sound card. Using the previous bios configuration, the New SATA HDD was auto detected to channel 3 but when it reaches the window loading screen, I was given a missing windows root system file (hal.dll) error, i tried to repair my windows installation but it was not sucessful, I then proceeded to change the harddisk setting such that the new SATA hdd will be the slave to the original SATA harddisk within channel 2.

On top of the 2 SATA harddisk I am also running my 2 older PATA harddisk as well. Could my problem be due to a missconfiguration of my Bios, please advise? Thank you

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by JEPott In reply to hal.dll error New Maxtor ...

OK, so you had three hard drives in the computer and added a fourth (the new SATA 300GB). You also addded a new sound card. I'm assuming that you are still booting off your old drive since you didn't mention copying/cloning it. Are you running XP SP2? Does your Motherboard/BIOS support drives of that size(probably does)? Have you tried removing the new sound card and booting the machine with just the new hard drive? If you remove all the new hardware - does the machine boot up again? Get the machine back up and then try adding only one piece of hardware at a time.

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by winston_tan In reply to

yes i am still booting from my original SATA HDD, i haved tried time and again to reinstall my OS but the same error hal.dll keeps poping up.

As i have formated my c drive hoping it will solve the problem i have not tried rebooting it again. I will proceed to remove the sound card and test to see if thats causing the problem, will reply once i have some results. Thanks

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by JEPott In reply to hal.dll error New Maxtor ...

Please do keep us posted on how it goes - there are many people out here who will have good suggestions.

Also, if you are going to re-install from scratch... then you might consider having all the hardware it from the get go - just make sure you have all the driver disks/cds as well.

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by winston_tan In reply to

Well not in fact i had done a few formatting since last night, everytime after the dos setup of windows has been completed, it will reboot but the same error hal.dll will reappear and i am unable to go to the GUI setup of windows.

But that was done with all my hardware, in, i guess i would take out my new sound card to see if thats causing the problem.

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by sekeris In reply to hal.dll error New Maxtor ...

try the following:on a healthy pc enable windows to show hidden and system folders.Copy the files ntdetect,ntldr and boot.ini from %systemroot% to a floppy along with hal.dll from its original path.Set your bios to boot from the floppy;if your machine boots succesfully, copy hal.dll to its original path.
There is an alternative using the recovery console from the windows setup if it recognizes the previous installation of windows.
Let me know about your progress

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by Sue T In reply to hal.dll error New Maxtor ...

I came across this on another site and maybe it will solve your problem. Good Luck. - HAL.DLL MISSING OR CORRUPT ERROR MESSAGE
If you get an error regarding a missing or corrupt hal.dll file, it might simply be the BOOT.INI file on the root of the C: drive that is misconfigured

Here's what to do:

Insert and boot from your WindowsXP CD.
At the first R=Repair option, press the R key
Press the number that corresponds to the correct location for the installation of Windows you want to repair.
Typically this will be #1
Type bootcfg /list to show the current entries in the BOOT.INI file
Type bootcfg /rebuild to repair it
Take out the CD ROM and type exit

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hal.dll error New Maxtor ...

If you are reloading the system as you claim you'll need to remember to hit the F6 key on the initial Windows Boot screen where it asks if you want to install additional drivers, there should be a floppy disk that came with the M'Board with the SATA drivers on it.

By your description I seem to think that you are using a drive adaptor that is only recognised in a RAID array either way you'll need to configure the SATA driver and make sure that you do not enable a RAID option.

You'll need to actually read the manual that came with the system or M'Board to see which SATA ports are usable in a Non RAID configuration.


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by sheldonmoss In reply to hal.dll error New Maxtor ...

This is just a suggestion, but I am assuming that you have some type of redundancy on you system? If you have your older two PATA drives mirrored they would need to be broken and delete all of the partions on the system because if you don't everytime you try to load your system it will try to read the parity bit and repair itself, so that is how to clean the system and do a fresh load. Let me know what happens.

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by winston_tan In reply to

Hi All,
Thanks for all your suggestions, I have tried a few of the methods but was unable to do the installation, I decided and strip it all down to the min of system and start from there, installation was a problem so i change to my spare TDK DVD-RW, it works, installation was sucessful, i place back my new maxtor and did a file recovery. Next i reattach my PATA HDD as it as just configured for normal ata operation and not raid i was lucky that files are not lost.

With everything up and working i tested my theory, i reattach my original Sony DVD-Combo and once boot up, the hal.dll error appear again. I try to reattach to the TDK Drive but it was no use, i will redo the entire installation again tonight with my new sound card and using my original SATA and using the TDK drive for now and start from there again to see if it will work.

It is quite weird, I notice my drive letter will all go wrong after the hal.dll error comes up, my original c became d and the c went to my new sata drive.

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by denodave In reply to hal.dll error New Maxtor ...

If you are loading Windows XP onto a computer with a serial ATA (SATA) hard drive, you will have to manually load the SATA drivers.

As suggested in a usenet post, you need to put the drivers on a floppy disk.

Copy the drivers from motherboard support CD *\DriverDisk\SATA\*.* into root directory of floppy disk. (i.e. root directory of floppy disk should contain \pide and \sata folders, txtsetup.oem, etc. files.)

Then, boot system by Windows XP installation CD, when the message "Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver" shows up, press "F6". Then, press "S" to specify additional device when next screen pops up. Put the driver floppy disk you made in and press enter to continue. If the floppy disk is made successfully, the installation program will ask for selecting driver. Please then select "VIA Serial ATA RAID Controller(Windows XP)".) After SATA driver loaded and Windows XP can recognize the SATA HDD, you can continue to install Windows XP as usual.

This should work fine if you have the drivers on a CD somewhere.

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