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Half a shared internet connection!

By Siliconwombat ·
What can I say this is the second time Im trying to solve my laptop problem. The first time yielded no significant improvement! Hopefully this time Ill have more luck.

Compaq Presario 2100
circa 2 yr old
Win xp Home ed fully updated
Belkin wifi card
Netgear router allowing shared dsl connection

The rest of the network that the laptop should be connected to is fine definitely as Im using it right now to type this! Have updated the firmware for the router and installed latest relevant drivers.

The problem:
The laptop wont display any internet pages at all. However I can ping any server I try. It connects to windows update quite happily. Last week I did get google through for about thirty seconds which was'nt long enough to do anything as I went into shock, Ive been trying to get it to work for two months and Im well out of ideas

Any help greatly appreciated]


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by TheChas In reply to Half a shared internet co ...

First step is to determine if this is a network issue, or an issue with the laptop itself.

If you connect to another network can you display web pages?
Try a friends network, a coffee shop, or any place that offers wireless networking.

Or, try directly connecting to the DSL modem.

If you still cannot display web pages, the issue is with the notebook itself and not your network.

On the notebook, check your firewall and web browser settings.

On the connections tab of Internet Options, make sure that you do not have any dial up or VPN connections set up.

Unless specifically instructed to by the setup for the router or ISP, you should leave the LAN settings on automatic.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Half a shared internet co ...

OK I'm interested but I'll need a bit more information than what you've supplied.

From my reading you have the NB connecting through a WiFi connection to the WiFi router and can not get a solid Internet connection but you can from the wired computer right so far?

Now for the questions can you browse the network not just ping something but actually see it and look in the shared Folder/s?

If you can see Shared folder/s can you move data between the two computers?

If none of the above applies how did you set up the Router come DSL Modem come WiFi Access Point?

If you used the install CD that may be your problem as they are notoriously unreliable to set up correctly. If you used a Cat 5 or USB Cable and entered a HTTP address you may have missed some of the WiFi setup steps or even locked the unit down too well.

The model of the Netgear Router would help no end and if it's an all in one unit or if you have several different devices to access the Internet like a DSL Modem, Router and WiFi Device. If it's the latter it's harder to setup but not impossible though you need to know exactly what the hardware is and your ISP settings to get things right.

Just click on the Add Comment Button and answer the above and I'll get back to you with a possible solution.

It will also help others to answer your question as well so there may be several responses once you supply enough information to work off.


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by Nilt In reply to Half a shared internet co ...

Have you tried with a hard-wired Ethernet connection? That'd be the first thing I try. Do you have any other devices using the router over wireless? If not, it could be the router as well as the laptop's card. Try a wired connection and see what happens. Might be a simple driver or bad card issue.

If that doesn't help, you have a Windows-wide DNS resolution issue. That screams broken LSP to me. Grab the LSP utility from and run it. If you've got a problem it should add the broken reference automagically and you can fix it surprisingl easily.

If neither of these help, let us know. There are other things to try but those are the 2 most common solutions with the symptoms you describe.

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by BbBucko In reply to Half a shared internet co ...

DNS sounds like the culprit - Have you checked with your ISP to confirm their preferred DNS servers? You'll need to check that you have these correct in your TCP/IP configuration.


Bret B

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by heml0ck In reply to Half a shared internet co ...

sorry chas, I have to disagree. make sure automatically detect settings is <i>not </i>enabled.

if you can ping internet servers, try using their ip address, this will help determine the nature of the prob, whether name resolution or network config.

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