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Half dead hard drive!

By smart031279 ·
My hard drive (Nikimi 60GB) is detected by BIOS all correctly with correct parameters. But when the PC proceeds to boot, an error comes up saying "SECONDARY HDD FAILURE, PRESS F1 to RESUME" (this half dead drive is on secondary IDE).

When I resume the drive is altogether not shown in Windows or anywhere else. I can't figure what's wrong? last time I remember I was running a surface scan and there was a window saying "Scandisk is gather info to safeguard the contents.. blah blah" and I was impatient to wait for a long time I rebooted.

Since that time... I am facing this problem. Please help me in bringing my drive to life again, it has some important unbacked up data.

PS: my cables and power supply are working all fine. Checked swapping things!

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by Oz_Media In reply to Half dead hard drive!

If it's not spinning the bearings are probably seized but there are ways to recover it.

First, if the data is REALLY important you sould get a professional data recovery service, especially if security is an issue.

Another last resort that has worked a few times for me now is freezing it. Place it in a paper bag and then a plastic ZipLock in the freezer for about a half an hour. Pull it out and drop it on a counter from about 5 or 6 inshes. This will shrink and jar the frozen bearings enough for it to spin up and for you to save some files or transfer for about 40 minutes to an hour.

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by smart031279 In reply to

The drive is spinning fine. Its just MBR or Partition table or track o or boot sector that has been messed up. I wonder how it can be fixed.


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by dmiles In reply to Half dead hard drive!

Use the following thread which gives you info 200 Ways to Revive a Hard Drive


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by smart031279 In reply to

Thanks for replies. But the motor is spinning fine (as the BIOS detects the correct parameters) its just when a normal BEEP when PC is started and then HDD Failure Error comes up. Therefore Windows or anything doesn't recogizes the drive.

I got an HDD utility that scanned BUS and it recogized it my by cloning a similar drive also did not helped (data is all gone just trying to recover drive)

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Half dead hard drive!


Best bet is to get another HDD, connect and load with your OS and then see if you can then read the 1/2 drive. If so copy your data to new HDD, low level format, fdisk and format defunct drive.
If you have Win98,W2K or XP with FAT 32 file format, then you could try booting from Win98 startup diskette and check your HDD.

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by smart031279 In reply to

Hi and thanks a lot for the reply. I have been trying to mess with the drive (as the contents are already lost and chances are impossible now).

Trying to mount ext2 and other images (because Fdisk and Windows toys are not working) so I found that my:


I don't have backups of these two, please any ideas to recover or copy from another drive?

Thanks once again!

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by grandhighdruid In reply to Half dead hard drive!

I'm going to ask a potentially stupid (on my part)question:have you checked the system for viruses? If your problem is jumping from drive to drive, it would seem to me a definite possibility. Hope this helps!!

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by smart031279 In reply to

Thanks once again for the reminder Grand High Druid (I hope I spelled it correctly)

I was using Windows XP SP2, Norton Antivirus 2003, ZoneAlarm Pro, Microsoft Antispyware plus Spybot S&amp. All running in real-time completely updated (I always keep these software updated).

Last nite I was playing with DM, it tells me that Boot Sector of drive is inaccessible. Then I tried re-writing the MBR code but it failed. Now I only need a way to force writing MBR and fixing the BOOT Sector.

Help in this matter will be highly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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