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Halt Without Error Message

By bob ·
Legacy PC
Had bad board, so I replaced it along with the compatible CPU and RAM
Switches bad on one of a kind case, so I replaced the case
The only thing original now is the hard disc, the power supply, and the CDRom
Power this baby up and get an initial single beep post code
Then, a few seconds later, two long beeps
I browse the CMOS
Everything is fine
Windows comes up, its 98
It loads a few drivers after seeing the new hardware.
Moments later, BIP, it just quits
No error message, no warning
When it fires back up, it does the scandisc after improper shutdown.
Shortly after, Bip, it's dead again
Each time it goes, I must flip the power supply switch to completely exhaust any power to the unit
Then fire it up again with the same result
Am I looking at a bad power supply, now?
I don't have one on hand to just throw one in to check it and I just wanted to make sure before I went the expense of buying one.
Any other ideas, or is the power supply most likely the culpret?

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by dryflies In reply to Halt Without Error Messag ...

I think it is more likely that something on the motherboard is not fully plug and play with 98. Another possibility is the RAM. here is a page for decoding the beep codes: http://www.pcguide.com/ts/x/sys/beep/
make sure you have your pop-up blocker turned on.

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by bob In reply to Halt Without Error Messag ...

I exchanged hard discs with several others that I have here in the shop. Some have no OS on them at all. I attempted to install an OS, thinking that the drive may have been the problem, and the process went well until the point just before the reboot and continue phase. BLIP, it did it again. Same thing on 3 different drives.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Halt Without Error Messag ...

Some suggestions.

Yes it could be your PSU.
CPU overheating - check cooling fins for dirt and fan.
Could be faulty capacitors on your mobo - check the cans for bulging tops.

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by bob In reply to

Eagle, You pegged it.
As it turns out, and the last things of the list of those to check out, the CPU fan was not cooling sufficiently enough. It wasn't long before the CPU got hot and caused a thermal shutdown.
Good Thinking to all!!!
I tried everything everyone suggested.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Halt Without Error Messag ...

could it be bip-ping when it switches from low to high res video?
how about boot with win98 startup *floppy* just let it sit. any bip? no? then maybe do some intra-hd disk folder copying...any bip? no? then stick in video card you know is compatible with 98 and for which you have recent drivers...?

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by dmiles In reply to Halt Without Error Messag ...

The two long beeps may misinterpretted as one long beep which could be the power supply which as you mentioned

check the wattage of your power supply and make sure that you have the power to support the peripherals in the system

1)Check that board is not touching any part os case metal to metal

2)check the memory modules are seated properly

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by bob In reply to Halt Without Error Messag ...

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