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Hand me that punchcard, will you?

By AnsuGisalas ·
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An IBM 402 in active duty. Amazing.

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It wasn't broken but they did fix...

by john.a.wills In reply to Hand me that punchcard, w ...

a lot of software. Unix, for instance, is very much inferior as a programming environment to ISPF on TSO on MVS on IBM mainframe, to whatever they call it on Unisys 2200, to Primos on Prime 500, to Cyber on CDC 660, to BS3 on TR440 and to George on Executive on ICL 1900. Yet somehow Unix has replaced those systems, which surely could have been rewritten for RISCs. Not all progress is wishable, and I can quite understand people sticking to ancient hardware, even if it is slower and does take more electricity - or even, as in some of the cases in the PCWorld article Ansu refers us to, takes more human effort.
Part of the problem is that people don't make the best use of what they have, so they don't get quite the results they want, so they look for new hardware and software to achieve their ends.

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Limitation is the midwife of excellence.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to It wasn't broken but they ...

Well, to some extent at least.

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And if you read this in relation to the End of Life of XP you see

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hand me that punchcard, w ...

Why it's so unimportant that it's maker is no longer supporting XP come next year.

Personally I worries me about what is being controlled by some of this Ancient Stuff but at the same time replacing the Obsolete Hardware with Newer Stuff on a common Platform worries me more. I can understand why this happens but what i have trouble with is understanding why there are no Techs to keep this stuff running. If these places don't train their own Techs they only have themselves to blame.


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Service centers

by mjd420nova In reply to Hand me that punchcard, w ...

The larger corporate campuses do have their own IT (hardware and software) departments and have eliminated outside service contractors. Not too long ago I still used punched paper tape to run dialing sequences to test DTMF equipment. The reader was early fifties vintage and built to run forever. It does a simple job and has the simplest of mechanisms. It does run for 48 hours on a long term test and has never failed in the thirty years since it was rescued from a trash bin. Many older machines have proved their reliablity and users are reluctant to make any changes. Most are stand-alone units doing a single job and not connected directly to the internet.

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