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Handicapped College Student Needs Help

By Oliwa ·
I am 21 years old, I am majoring in an all encompassing computer major, and I'm handicapped.

My major covers a wide range. I will be the jack of all trades in two years (so to speak), but an expert in nothing. I learn networking, programming, database, etc. (

I am also physically disabled and I know how I am stigmatized because of that. I know I need to be better just to be equal.

Currently I have my A+ certification and Network+ certification. I received both within a month of each other and am currently reading books on Visual Basic, ASP, and Windows 2000 Professional. My classmates regard me as Yoda because I have all the answers and because I seem to absorb material and can apply it.
I have a love for networking. I am trying to learn as much as I can from playing around with W2k and Linux. I am also growing a liking for databases. I can't get up on ladders and run Cat5 through ceilings or move around workstations. I can, however, use a mouse and a keyboard. Are there networking positions that can be done solely with a mouse and keyboard? Or should I scrap that idea and go with databases. In either case, can you please give me insight in what I should learn (linux, Windows NT, oracle, SQL, etc). Any and all help would be appreciated.

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Hanicapped jobs

by masked man In reply to Handicapped College Stude ...

I'm not handicapped so I am not speaking from a direct position of experience on this, but I've worked with some people that were and what I've seen is, yes, there are networking positions available that are pretty much all desk jobs. The ones I'venoticed tend to be in larger companies or government with a more segmented IT staff.

At this point I'd suggest just learning as much as possible without limiting yourself.
I'm a Unix/NT admin and I'll spend weeks sometimes using nothing more than my mouse and keyboard. Also I broke my ankle last summer and the six months it took to heal I had to have help moving stuff around, but coworkers we always very helpful in this regard.

Hope this helps you out some
Good luck

Remember that a company can't leagally discriminate based on your handicap if a reasonable accommodation can be made. I'm sure some do anyway, but they'll get theirs.

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