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    handling automated emails


    by ms_ashwin ·


    In my project, we receieve almost 5000 emails everyday which are generated automatically from oracle procedures incase of errors, logs or warnings.
    Please suggest the best practice your organization/project is using to handle these emails.Or if you have a new idea, please share.


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      How I handled E-mails

      by dkiz ·

      In reply to handling automated emails

      I used to get about 600 a day. I handled them using E-mail rules, office procedures, and “what made sense to me.”

      First, I grouped E-mails according to how I wanted to handle them and what they did:

      – notifications of success
      – failure exceptions
      – performance reports
      – monitoring alerts
      – etc…

      Second, I created folders to hold different types of E-mail. These were further divided where it made sense (e.g. performance reports separated by instance).

      Next, I wrote rules to automatically handle the majority of regular messages. I found that 90% of the E-mails could be looked at later or ignored completely (I am willing to bet you will find the same).

      After that, I set myself a schedule. Check backup reports first. Look at performance numbers for the last week on Tuesday. Deal with disk space alerts immediately.

      Once this ran for a while, I looked for ways to streamline. If a backup was successful, it should say so in the message header so that I don’t have to actually open it. Some “excessive SQL” reports would have no data because no statement exceeded my thresholds. I would sort by message size and delete anything less than 5k.

      Now my E-mails I handled personally. If you have more than one person can handle, I would recommend having a agreed method of dividing the work. Have everyone add a rule that separates other people’s mail to avoid confusion.


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