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By mrkrach ·
Hi, I have a system with High configuration and NT4 with SP6 installed. It recently has developed a problem, mouse struck for 3-4 seconds while moving. I thought due to dust in ball or mouse settings problem could be the cause and cleaned dust and reset all mouse options to my requirements. Though it did not solve I rectified that keyboard also hangs during that time. I thing it is a system hangup for 3-4 every now and then(say 8 to 10 times in a minute) because of which i cannot continue using it without intruptions. Can anybody find the problem and solutions for me????

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by serginho In reply to Hang up


This usually means a driver/software that is draining all system resources (some image scanners do this). Any way, it?s very diffcult to establish what is going on. Can you show list of processes from the Task Manager?


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by mrkrach In reply to

Hi Serginho,
Thanx for your effort to help me.. Here is the list of processes going on my system.
System Idle Process 16k
System 216k
smss.exe 396k
scrss.exe 1508k
winlogon.exe 208k
services.exe 3348k
lsass.exe 2756k
nddeagnt.exe 1044k
spoolss.exe 1928k
pmsvc.exe 1008k
Mcshield.exe 12128k
VsTskMgr.exe 480k
loadwc.exe 1056k
NAPRDMGR.exe 752k
Rpcss.exe 1072k
hkcmd.exe 2756k
DKService.exe 2348k
FrameworkService 3732k
pstorex.exe 156k
taskmgr.exe 1544k
Explorer.exe 2748k
UpdaterUI.exe 280k
I guess from this you can make out...


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by serginho In reply to Hang up

Hi, Ravi!

Sorry, I've been travelling for the past weeks.

It won?t be easy to point out what?s going on, so get ready for trial and error. I'll point out most probable tasks to try. So here it goes...

Mcshield.exe 12128k - McAfee Antivirus
UpdaterUI.exe 280k - McAffee Antivirus Updater
SHSTAT.EXE 492K - McAfee VShield
hkcmd.exe 2756k - Intel graphics Ctr_Alt+F12
DKService.exe 2348k - diskkeeper: schedulled?
VsTskMgr.exe 480k - unknown
NAPRDMGR.exe 752k - unknown
pstorex.exe 156k - unknown

Of course, all tests are to be temporary. The idea is to shutdown suspect tasks or groups of tasks, like those listed above, one by one and check the problem. Once the problem ends, you found the task. The solution will depend on the offending task. Let me know when you find it.

Those marked as "unknown" I wasn't able to identify. I use to identify this task (make a donation, if you can!). Unfortunately, today, I wasn't able to browse their database. Be aware that their listing is not complete and may contain errors!


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