hang up

By aleta_jr ·
my system will hang.up after 5-10 min use.. when i check the cpu temp. at the cmos set up it reach about 96 C.. so i clean the cpu fan then put some thermal components.. but still the problem goes on..

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Over Heating

by Wizard-09 In reply to hang up

Looks like your computer is over heating, take the computer case of so that you can see inside the computer, turn it on and see if any of the fan's are failing, if they are you need to replace them it also might be a problem with the heatsink.

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good day

by aleta_jr In reply to Over Heating

when i look at the cpu fun i think it is still ok it runs good except of the annoying sound. i will try to borrow some staff to my friend. if the problem continue. what would be the problem?

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Heat Sink

by psingleton In reply to good day

Not sure what you are running(CPU) or what size fans you have, but it sounds like if the fans are functioning correctly and you have good air flow, then the heat sink is the culprit. If you used the heat sink that comes packaged with so many CPUs, you want to get rid of that and replace it with a high heat dispersion unit.

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Problem is HEAT

by oldbaritone In reply to hang up

WAY too much heat.

Most chips work in the 0C to 70C temperature range. Check the specs for your chip, but 96C is WAY too hot for most semiconductors.

96C is above the melting for some types of PVC - which may be used as insulation on things like wires.
I'm surprised you don't smell smoke (something burning) at that temperature.

Electronic euqipment must be kept within its operating temperature range. When it gets too hot, components stop working, or become erratic.

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