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By romml_enriquez ·
My computer kips on frozing up nad when i try to restart it it wont load the windows 2000 OS.And sometimes there's this long beep sound on ther CPU unit.I have to unplug the power cord and plug it again for the computer to restart again.What is wrong with my computer?Any suggestion?

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by Oz_Media In reply to hang ups

It could be on eof many things. Thinga to try would be;
remove any cards such as sound cards, network cards (VERY LIKELY) and Graphics cards. This is of course if using spearate PCI cards and not onboard connections.

I would then start lookign at RAM, if you have added RAM, remove it, if you have two ram sticks, try it with one then the other.

If you only have ONE stick of RAM, try swappign it out with another, make sure it is compatible though if taken from someone elses computer.

If network cards die, PC won't boot.

If RAM dies, PC won't boot.

If cards have conflicts, PC may not boot.

If you get more information, or have tried all this and still have problems, please post back with more details, good luck!

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by Blackcurrant In reply to hang ups


Can you tell us which make and model your PC is. We could look up the beep code and give you more specific information to troubleshoot with.

Good luck

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by Poettone In reply to hang ups

As Blackcurrant asked, what are the specifics of you unit.

What brand of Pc:
You said you have to unplug it to get it to boot? Are you saying that it will boot once you unplug it?

What errors (if any) are you getting when Windows 2000 should load?

Provide more specific details of your steps, this will help us help you..

Good Luck

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by chitosunday In reply to hang ups

Could be a memory problem. It is starting to die.

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by micheltremblay5 In reply to hang ups

I long continous beeping sound means that there is a problem with your RAM. POST will make this sound generally on all PC's regardless of who manufactured it.

Check to see if you have DIMM or SIMM DRAM. You probably have DIMM unless it's an older system. Look within your BIOS Settings and verify the speed and size of your RAM.

I would then try taking out all of your current RAM and replacing it with a RAM card that is the same type and functions correctly. Once your RAM is working try (if you have atleast two memory banks)adding the faulty RAM one at a time but never take out the good working RAM. This should give you an idea of which RAM card is not working.

The POST error sounds are different on PC to PC so you really can't memorize all of the sounds. Good luck to you my friend.

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