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hanging of pc's while copying

By sushil_negi2003 ·
why the pc's get hanged up having win2000server installed when we copy data from either of the pc
and the other pc also get hanged up in which data was being copied?
the servers are in workgroup.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to hanging of pc's while cop ...


This sounds like a memory issue. Are you copying a lot of data in one go, or are you copying large files? Also, do you have enough RAM in your machines to cope with copying large amounts of data. My experience of using Windows 2000 and Windows XP in a domain has shown that ideally each workstation should have at least 512MB RAM, and the server should have as much memory as you can afford.

If memory is not an issue, I would check that you only have the network protocols installed that are needed. For example, my network uses TCP/IP only. One of our machines had the NETBEUI protocol installed as well, and this caused the machine to slow down when accessing files across the network. Removing the unneeded NETBEUI protocol eliminated the slowdown completely.

Also, make sure that if you have more than one network card installed, only the card that needs to be used is enabled in device manager.

And, you can check if any other programs are 'filtering' the data. By this I mean virus checkers. Make sure that any progs that check your data are fully up to date and are compatible with your operating system.

If you still experience freezing of your machine, try copying smaller amounts of data at a time.

Good luck

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by vrajan18 In reply to hanging of pc's while cop ...

If you are copying files through network the problem is certaily due to lan card Change the lancard I have alos faced this problem and the solved by changing lan card.

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