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    “hangup” closing window


    by sbhuck ·

    I am using Mozilla 1.7.2 on Windows 98, I suddenly found that when I right click an chose to clsee a window, that what usse to take a ssecond or 2, now take as long as 5 or 6 seconds to do.
    Dose anyone have a suggestions as to why this would suddenly crop up, and how to fix it.
    I have no viruses on my computer, and I have no idea why this jsut tarted happeing.
    Thanks for any help

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      by willcomp ·

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      If you haven’t already done so, download, install, update, and run Ad Aware SE and Spybot Search and Destroy. These are adware/spyware removal tools and such software may be the cause of your sudden slowdown.

      Both programs are available at and are freeware.


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      by ann777 ·

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      If the above suggestion fails to help speed up the shutdown issues, then I suggest looking into the amount of programs runnins as TSRs in memory.

      If you have the original Windows 98 (not SE), see if you can get the system to shut down properly by reenabeling the Fast Shutdown option.

      Click Start –> Run and type MSConfig.

      On MSConfig’s General tab, click the Advanced button. Find the Disable Fast Shutdown option and make sure it is NOT checked, then click OK.

      If that also fails to help, you might want to take a look at all the programs in the Run portion of the registry … (also within MSConfig) choose Selective Startup –> Startup –> and take a look at those programs that do not need to run all the time (those that you do not use everyday — most of the programs will work without being in memory and do not need to be pre-loaded). System Tray must be checked and Power Profile should be checked <-- windows needs these to run. see below for more shutdown troubleshooting ideas:

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      by thechas ·

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      Hi Wilbur,

      This might be related to the problem you had with removing Netscape.

      Start by cleaning out your temporary and cache files.

      Use the clear cache option in Mozilla.

      Then use Windows Explorer and clean out:


      C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files.

      Next, I STRONGLY recommend running a registry check program such as Norton Win Doctor, V-Com Fix-It, or System Mechanic.
      There are a few free-ware versions posted at and
      I have not used any, so can’t make a specific recommendation.

      I had a strange problem with Mozilla myself that I finally corrected.
      Seams that one of the files in my profile had become corrupt. Since I was reasonably certain that Mozilla would reconstruct the file the next time I ran it, I deleted the file. It fixed my problem.
      Take a look in your Mozilla Profile folder and see if any file looks to be overly large.
      If so, let me know which file and the size.
      I will verify what the file is, and let you know if I think it is oversize.


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      by sbhuck ·

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