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Ok, so I know I'm a coupla days early, but I'd rather everyone knew that it's Sonja's birthday on Sunday NOW so that they can drink to her on the correct day!

Soni, I hope you're all power reconnected, warm, snug and ready to celebrate with friends and family!

Look out for a GGSwagBag, which left here last Saturday - it should be getting somewhere close now, but with this weather, don't bank on it! Hope you and Andrew enjoy your British Goodies!

Enjoy your day, Sonja - and have *at least* two drinks (large!) on me!



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Woohoo better start early then

by rob mekel In reply to HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR SUNDAY ...

late :)

Happy Birthday Sonja.

And tnx for all the great items you bring.

Have fun

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I have been ordered by Her Majesty, Queen GG

by neilb@uk In reply to HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR SUNDAY ...

to wish you a very happy birthday. But, hey, I'd have done it anyway!

A very Happy Birthday to the Lady who keeps us informed when things have broken and keeps us in line when we step over the boundaries and is just so damned NICE.


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Happy Birthday Sonja !!!

by Shellbot In reply to HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR SUNDAY ...

Have a great weekend..I suggest starting the party Saturday night.. :)


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Saturday night chauffeur

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to Happy Birthday Sonja !!!

I have plans to go out with friends on Saturday, since this is my BIG 40. And today (Feb. 6) is my son Andrew's 13th b-day. We'll both mature any day now.

The bummer part is that I woke up with a sore throat two mornings ago, and it's getting worse. I plan to take this afternoon off so I can rest before b-day boy comes home from school with a couple friends. It's pizza and movie night (and thank goodness they are now old enough to not need constant supervision). I plan to be in a corner somewhere, nursing a hot tottie and willing myself all better for Saturday night!

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by BFilmFan In reply to Saturday night chauffeur

First, I must take you to task for fibbing that you will be 40. No way. Don't believe it.

I hope the weather and your health allows you to have a very happy birthday celebration.

And if you indulge too much, wake up nekkid with someone you don't recall meeting, when your eyes pop open, just yell out real loud, "It was the BEST EVER." Maybe it was and saying so will make everyone feel good.

If you wake up in Vegas with rice in your hair, you might be in more trouble. :)

Wishes for many more happy years...

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Happy Happy Birthday to Ewes!

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR SUNDAY ...

Have a great day, Sonja!
You deserver it.<br>
If they had fixed the graphic thing, you be able to see this one right away. As it is, you'll have to click on it:

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Sheep again Capt?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Happy Happy Birthday to E ...

Is there something you are trying to tell us all?

No matter it's nice to see you have come in out of the Paddock and are still speaking to us.

Col ]:)

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Still here.... still Baaaaaa-d

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Sheep again Capt?

...though not as often as I used to be.

It's that four letter word that has me captive.... W O R K.
plus another longer one... F A M I L Y.

although, as far as work goes, based on the way the economy is, I will not complain and be glad I'm employed and healthy.

yep. I'll be lurking.

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My first cake!

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to Happy Happy Birthday to E ...

and low calories too!


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As if

by rob mekel In reply to My first cake!

you need the low on calories B-)

can she still see it's me, or do the darkglasses do the trick

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