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Happy New Year! We need some music here . . .

By AV . ·
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How about a little night music on New Year's Eve? This isn't an official FNM, its an HNM - Holiday Night Music.

You can post any music you like and if you have a New Year's resolution to post, even better. Anything is acceptable because its a Blue Moon. It only happens every 19 years.**230-blue-moon-new-years-eve.html

Blue Moon by the Marcels (1961)


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by PurpleSkys In reply to Happy New Year! We need ...

just because i like Blue Rodeo i'll see if i can find something better in a bit :)

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I like it

by AV . In reply to ok

Its good music. Post anything you like. I never heard of Blue Rodeo here in New Jersey, but I think they're great.


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Something from the Jersey Shore

by AV . In reply to Happy New Year! We need ...

No, not that trashy show, Jersey's own Bruce Springsteen.


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Blue Moon: At one time. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Happy New Year! We need ...

.....Blue Moon, written by Rodgers and Hart in the 1930s, was the most covered recorded song. (I don't know if it still holds that distinction.) But then again, maybe I don't recall that correctly. It seems to me that something like Silent Night or White Christmas would have been covered by the most people.

Oh well, nonetheless, it was first written for the movie, Hollywood Party with the original lyrics ('Oh Lord, if you're not busy up there, I ask for help with a prayer, So please don't give me the air), they were changed a year later for the movie, Manhattan Melodrama:

The first recorded version with the new name and lyrics, Blue Moon: Blue moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own was a Columbia Label recording by the Victor Young Orchestra, sung by Connie Boswell:

(I actually have that 78 RPM record.)

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One more by the great guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel

by maxwell edison In reply to Blue Moon: At one time. . ...

If you ever have a chance to see Tommy in person, it's well worth the very small price of admission (usually in the $25 range).

He's currently touring (USA and world-wide). See his Web site for details.

(This has been an unpaid public announcement.)

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Oh, thats special

by AV . In reply to Blue Moon: At one time. . ...

Thanks for that. Its very special. I saw this newer version by Chris Isaak and thought it was nice.


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I like Chris.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Oh, thats special

Yup. Sure do.
(Can't wait to listen! I'll be back, Sunday.)

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Okay, another one (kind of) - but I think you'll like it

by maxwell edison In reply to Oh, thats special

Paul McCartney on John Lennon, Wings, & Song Blue Moon:

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Very interesting

by AV . In reply to Okay, another one (kind o ...

Its a real inside look at how he made music. Here is the Blue Moon from Elvis that he refers to in the video.


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