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Happy Nikola Tesla Day!

By dhbat ·
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Information on the day:

Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived:

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How to celebrate Tesla Day?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Happy Nikola Tesla Day!

In terms of holiday traditions, that is.
May I suggest: 1) Work through lunch (at least) - however, working on pet projects is an acceptable alternative to professional work. Purpose, to acknowledge the dedication of Tesla.
2) Feed pigeons. A symbolic continuation of Tesla's own pastime, also symbolic of the desire to better the lot of humanity.

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Tesla is my hero

by robo_dev In reply to Happy Nikola Tesla Day!

If you have lights in your home and office, Tesla is the reason why.

Most of the technology related to power generation and distribution were all things he invented and/or perfected.

Tesla also had some real wild ideas about controlling weather with high voltage and also providing wireless power to lights by having enough high-voltage nearby.

He had patents for everything from tilt-rotor aircraft to directed-energy weapons. He had a plan to develop a directed energy weapon to defend England from the Germans. He had plans and designs for magnetic levitation flying machines,

Some of his ideas were not practical, but his contributions to science and electronics is immeasurable.

Tesla demonstrated a working radio controlled boat in 1898 (seriously).

Tesla invented the spark plug.

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