hard disc damage

By sales ·
Appreciate any help with recovering damaged hard drive:

I have a Samsung 120G HD(data drive only) which had the power pin accidentally connected the other way around causing a short circuit and frying the power pack.On replacing the power pack, the HD would not work and would short circuit the computer(no power).Once it was disconnected the computer worked fine.

ANy ideas?

Do I just need a new circuit board or have I likely lost data?

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First thing to remember is that the data is always recoverable.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hard disc damage

But what you need to understand is that things like this don't come cheap. If you have a lot of impossible to replace Data on the drive you can most likely justify the costs of sending the drive to a Data Recovery House and have them recover your data.

As the Power Plug was connected the wrong way round which is no mean feat I would imagine that the Circuit Board has been destroyed as well as the HDD's Motor and most likely the controller for the Read Write Heads so the drive has to be dismantled in a Clean Room and the platters removed to have the data recovered.

Things like this don't come cheap and you pay for all the time spent in recovering your data. Your best bet here is to call several Data Recovery Houses and ask for a Guesstimate for the cost of recovering your data. You'll need to remember that as this is a very specialised job that at best they will be unable to give you an accurate quote but will give you a guess on what they think the time taken will be and you'll need to be flexible from that point on if you decide to get the data recovered.

You'll also need at the same time to decide if the data is worth the cost of recovery depending what is actually on the Drive you may decide that it's not worth the cost or that as it's impossible to replace the cost in unimportant and go ahead with the recovery. If you chose to proceed with the recovery you'll find that most of these firms have a fairly decent turn around time so depending on their current work load I would expect anything from 5 working days to 2 weeks + Travel time there and back.


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First steps and a lesson

by csmith In reply to hard disc damage

The new circuit board may do it, but if it does not, the motor windings may be burned.
The data will still be on the disc, regardless.
A comment here: This is a very old lesson. Hard drives are cheap, and data is expensive.
The days of tape backup are gone, so RAID is the best way to prevent data loss, and minimize the hassel when hard drives fail.
I hope this works out well for you.
Regards, Chris

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hd boot

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to hard disc damage

First of all you need to install the hdd as a secondary drive in the computer.Use a working hdd as your primary boot drive.The damaged hdd will be accessable from my computer where you can transfer all the files over to the good hdd

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by iain.wright In reply to hd boot

I had a similar problem with a clients harddrive. OnTrack data recovery was able to recover all of his data, baby pictures, etc. Like someone else said, it costs a pretty penny, it was 2.2k for 80gb of data.

I would definately use a raid and maybe some cheap desktop backup software to backup to a 80$ external drive nightly (incrementals) in the future. Best of luck to you

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If this drive is in a USB Caddy

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hard disc damage

Try removing it and fitting it to another USB Caddy and try it from that as it's possible that only the caddy has been damaged. These have their own circuit board in them with Voltage Regulation and reverse polarity protection so you may have just fried the USB Caddied Circuit Board.

As these caddies are cheap it's worth a try before rushing out to one of the Data Recovery Houses and spending a lot more money in an attempt to recover your data. If that works you'll need to instigate some form of DR Plan to save your data to a more permanent source. But remember if there are any pictures involved Kodak claims that CDR will start to loose clarity after a few years so you should backup these regularly as complete Backup's and not increment's.


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