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    hard disk


    by alihadi43 ·

    Wha does the following error mean:
    error sensing hard disk 2.
    that happens on boot .tried 2 different hard drives: no fixed disks

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      by liame ·

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      The bios cannot correctly determine the configuration of your disk drive. This happens when…. its not there, its broken, bios setting for it are wrong – try the auto setting, cables are wrong or faulty or jumper setting are wrong.

      Try the disk in a different PC to checks its okay.

      Check, double check and triple check ALL jumper setting – both on that drive and anything on the same cable. One should be set to master (or master/slave present) the other to slave if there are 2 drives on the cable.

      Put bios detection settings to auto.

      Try different cables. Make sure the cables are correct for the drive(s).

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