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By rajankanth ·
if my hard disk fails, so if i want to recover the data from hard disk which is the way to retrive the data from hard disk? is it possible or not

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Some ways

by Toivo Talikka In reply to hard disk

If your hard disk develops bad sectors, you can still access it, especially after running chkdsk which can correct the errors but if the problem is really bad, you cannot load the operating system like Windows, and you have to connect the hard drive to a working PC and run the error correction there. The chances are that you can then load Windows, but some programs may not work, depending on where the bad sector was.

If the electronics or mechanical parts fail so that the disk does not boot at all, depending on the model of the hard drive, it may still be possible to open the case and remove the actual disk platters and move them to a working framework and rescue the data that way.

Otherwise you are looking at forensic methods to recover data, which can be done by specialist companies, and this is very expensive.

The best practice is to back up your dynamic data to a CD or DVD, or, in a networked environment, to another PC or the server. For the operating system and the software, the best way is to clone the hard drive using Norton Ghost or the dd command from a Linux Live CD. Of course, keep the original software CDs.

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Yes it's possible

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hard disk

But extremely expensive to perform. It's even possible to recover every layer of data that was ever written to the HDD for a price if necessary.

But with HDD Failures this really is the providence of the Data Recovery Houses who have the specialised equipment to allow the drives to be dismantled and the platters read.

When a Police Force seizes a Computer or HDD they have the capability of recovering every layer of data that was ever written to that HDD and this is used in cases of Kiddy Porn Suspected or terrorist Related Activity. But it comes at a price. To recover data from a dead HDD I recently paid out 46K AU to one company and the drive was still sort of working. The fully Forensic Data Layer Recovery costs much more several hundred K generally speaking and this is relegated to the Law Enforcement side of the business where they need to maintain a Chain of Evidence.

You are much better off instigating a full DR Plan to save the costs involved in a HDD Failure and even if you only save your data and take it off site you can have a computer system up and running very fast if required generally within 1 day though the costs of the hardware may be considered as high the costs of Full Data Recovery make the costs of the hardware look cheap like it is.


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yes its posible . pls contact me kiranfocuz@gmail.com

by kiranfocuz In reply to hard disk

yes its posible . pls contact me kiranfocuz@gmail.com

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