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Hard Disk/CD ROM not detected

By praveenchandar007 ·
I have a an Intel? 845GV Chipset Motherboardand i find problems detecting the (Segate)hard disk and (Sony)CD Rom. Both my hard disk and CD ROM are deteced occationally only. Another probelm is that the system does not start , it shows up a blank screen but there is power supply to the CD Rom as well.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hard Disk/CD ROM not de ...

If this has just started to happen I would be looking at a failed IDE controller on the M'Board.

But if you have recently fitted new hardware and this started happening the most likely cause is that the jumpers on both the HDD and CD ROM are not correctly set. They need to be set to Master & slave if on the same IDE Lead or if on different IDE leads both to Master. you'll have to pull out the drives and check the jumper settings and if they are correct change the IDE Lead to a new one as the plugs can get part way pulled off the ribbon cable and no longer work.

The most obvious thing is that both drives are on the same IDE lead and both set to the same address either Master or Slave and if that is the case you shouldn't see a POST screen as there is a basic hardware conflict occurring which will prevent the computer even coming close to starting. Just for your information if you look on the back of the Sony CD ROM drive between the IDE socket and the Sound Cable Socket there are 6 pins which should have a green jumper on them and above them it is stamped into the case are the words Master, Slave and Cable Select. Which tell you which pair of pins to short out with the green jumper to get the right setting. If they are set to cable select and the IDE Lead is one of the old type they will not work properly so you will need to change the jumper to the Master/Slave Option. On the Seagate Drives depending on the model the jumpers are on the end where the IDE lead plugs in and are either white or black.


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