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Hard disk clicks when clicking links

By elay ·
Anyybody experienced the hard disk clicking everytime you clink on a link in a browser window?

I have Dell D500 latitude upgraded with a 100Gb Seagate momentum IDE hard disk running XP pro - I have all the latest updates.

The disk clicks every time that I clink on a link inside a browser window or select any button on a web page.

I have checked the DMA settings in device manager / IDE ATA/ATAPI/ for the primary IDE channel and it is set to Ultra DMA mode 5 with auto detection

Is it an Internet explorer setting thats causing this

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Hard disk clicks when cli ...

Check if your PC has free physical memory from Windows Task Manager - Performance - Physical Memory. If the Commit Charge is close to the Limit, XP does frequent paging, which may possibly explain the audible hard drive activity.

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by elay In reply to

I have already installed 2 Gig of memory and just after I posted my question I switched to the Firefox browser - and gues what - no clicking. the disk is a new seagate momentum 100. So it must be something to do with how IE setup or how IE uses paging - or something to do with my pagefile

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by jas545 In reply to Hard disk clicks when cli ...

sounds to me like it is the sound schemes when u click a link r something.

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by elay In reply to

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by FXEF In reply to Hard disk clicks when cli ...

Try turning off your sound. I don't think it's your hard drive clicking. Here's a link explaining how to turn off the sound.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hard disk clicks when cli ...

Regardless of what download Sea tools from Seagate and test your Drive it's much easier to get it replaced now than have it crash and take your data with it. Also now that you have seen a potential problem it's time to Instigate a DR Plan so you can loose your entire computer but none of your data.

So backup everything now and perform this at least once a week. Believe me it's a lot cheaper than having to send your HDD away to a Data Recovery House to have the platters read the last one that I had to do that on a 40 GIG IBM cost the company 15K AU to get their data back and even then they had to wait 5 days and couldn't access any of that sales data for that amount of time.


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