Hard Disk Corrupt, please help!

By sherrago ·
I have a 200GB ATA Seagate HDD, and its got 4partition, 2RAW (Unformatted). And windows runs on C:, and I sometimes use my Segate 40GB HDD through USB and windows shows up saying "Writing Delay" something like that and I have lost a whole partition's data like that, on my 40GB HDD.

And now my 200GB got problem as windows got turned off, becuz of power failure frequently. And then when I turned on my PC chkdsk did fix it all. But later on I could see my network was not working, actually windows didn't detect any network devices at all. Then I thought of repairing it through "Windows Setup" cd going to the setup and repair. But it got stuck in the middle and I tried on doing the repair but got stuck in 27minutes remaining. So tried CHKDSK quite few times and I connected my 200GB to USB through a USB BOX (whatever you call it) and then made my 40GB my primary hdd as its got windows in it as well. And tried to chkdsk from 40GB's windows and then I got the results 12KB in Bad Sectors, I tried to fix it through going to the hdd properties and using error checking.

And when now I connected it to my pc as primary hdd (200GB ATA) it shows the system/config is misssing and when you got to the setup repair, it dosen't show any previous versions of microsoft windows and even when I forcibly try to Install windows on C: it says ERROR and same with the other free space disk.

Now the main is problem, becuz of all this I again connected my HDD (200GB ATA) to USB and worked through 40GB HDD but then, windows showed up saying "write delay H;$..." something like that and when I check the 200GB ata its all emtpy, I had backup in , it does show the Parition and the space it occupies but every folder is empty. I tried to use some recovery utility but through USB it didn't work out. All the recovery softwares says - Unable to find the path or unable to determine file system something like that.

I'm in a critical situation all my files are there in the backup, I need 'em anyhow. Is there any means through which I get atleast recover my data.

Please, your help would real HUGE help for me.
Hope someone will help me.


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Well as by now you've learnt Lesson 1

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hard Disk Corrupt, please ...

Never trust CHKDSK to actually work properly use some third Party supplied program to check any HDD and repair as necessary.

Lesson Number 2 Never Backup your Critical Data on the same HDD as it resides as once the HDD fails you've lost everything and it gets expensive to get it back.

Lesson 3 don't mess with something that you know nothing about as you are far more likely to do much more harm than good!

Now I need to ask some questions forget about the 40 GIG HDD as it's going faulty hence the Fail Writes Notices.

What software Package did you use to attempt to recover your Data?

Other than loosing the Windows Partition what else have you done to the 200 GIG HDD?

Much more importantly why do you have 2 blank Partitions on it and did you try installing Windows to one of these?

How much time is available to recover from this situation?

Much More Important is How important is the Stored Data and does it have any Password Protection of Encrypted File System Protection protection it from being stopped from others looking at the data?


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by sherrago In reply to Well as by now you've lea ...

Well first of all thanks for your response. I'm really thankful.

I tried to use Final Recovery, to recover the files. But as soon as I connect the 200GB HDD to USB and click on any of the partition it says, "Write Delay" and at times files show up, but the folders are empty.

I tried to put it in Secondary Slave, but it didn't workout, same problem. "write delay" and the whole HardDisk goes missing and again if I do a "Scan for Hardware Changes" in device manager. It shows up but after a few mins. And that too goes off once I click and open a partition.

Well I didn't format the 2 other partition as I thought I could use it later on. I did try to install it on one of the unformatted partition but it didn't workout. I got an error message.

Well, I'm confused what I have lost. Cuz at times, all the files are showing and the folders are empty. And I tried to put the 200GB HDD as secondary and it did show files in one of the partition. But again "write delay" popped up and whoosh all it went. Then nothing showed up.

(I wonder if it's all becacuse of write delay, cuz I have used the other 40GB HDD as through USB in my 200GB HDD (when it was all fine), and at times it used to say "write delay" and I did loose a whole parition, on 40GB HDD as well, nothing shows up just only a folder that too with no files in it. And I tried to recover files from that partition with Final Recovery and it did show some files. But I haven't moved further with it, scared if I might do something wrong and might loose any possible chance of getting the data back.

Importance of the data in the 200GB HDD, it has everything. I'm a web designer, all my stock photos, client works and even works yet to be delivered to the guys I work for. And it dosen't have any Password Protection nor Encryption.

I wonder, if something can be done? I have two - three days for max.

Anyways, thanks for writing in.

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OK First things first the write delay comes about

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to thanks

Because either the HDD or HDD Controller is failing on the M'Board. As you by now have already lost 2 HDD's contents I would hazard a guess that it;'s the M'Board in this case which is at fault here so that in all likely hood needs replacing.

Do Not Put the 200 GIG Back onto this M'Board!

If you can connect it to another computer as a Slave you may find that all your Backup data is still there untouched but if it isn't because of the time restrictions your only real alternative is to use On Tracks Easy Recovery Professional available here


If you take the HDD to a Data Recovery House you'll need to pay a Premium to get it done within your allocated time frame but it should be doable particularly if the HDD is working OK and because of the nature of the information of the drive it's probably worth the costs involved to recover the data.

The 2 Data Recovery Places that I would Recommend is On Track their Listings for Recovery place are here


I've had excellent service from this place though it will most likely be a different recovery Lab they worked a Miracle recovering some Tax Data that was required the day before the drive failed.

Seagate has launched a New Data recovery Service and though I've been told good things about it I'm not exactly sure how fast that they work or how many recovery Labs that they have available but they can be contacted here for their Priority Service


I hope that will help you recover your data within the available time frame and you'll at the very least need a new M'Board to suit your existing CPU and RAM.


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Hard Drive Restore

by bchessell In reply to OK First things first the ...


I doubt anything will work, but if anything will, it might be Gibson.

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I recommend replacing the CPU as well.

by stress junkie In reply to OK First things first the ...

In my case I had started to get hard disk errors. I put the hard disk on a different computer and it works fine. I suppose that the drive controller on the motherboard could be at fault but since I had another CPU of the same age and model crap out I am inclined to think that the CPU is at fault.

All I'm saying is don't take chances. You should probably replace the CPU and the motherboard unless you want to spend hours testing the CPU in a new motherboard.

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Corrupt hard drive data recovery

by articles In reply to Hard Disk Corrupt, please ...

You can also try the Kernel data recovery software. This can be found here; http://www.nucleustechnologies.com/Data-Recovery-Software.html

The Kernel BKF file repair software effectively restores data and files from the inaccessible backups.

Hope this helps!!!!

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Yes that may work but what working HW do you suggest to use it on?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Corrupt hard drive data r ...

The current M'Board is giving Delayed Write Failures and has removed data from 2 HDD's already so what do you propose he actually use as an OS and recovery system to work from. As has been stated here this person no longer has a working system that they can even load XP to and needs this recovered within 2 days from now?


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Spare hard drive can be used

by articles In reply to Yes that may work but wha ...

In this case, the hard drive can be attached to another computer and then the person can try to access the partitions. If no spare system is available then he can install the os on another hard drive.

If it fails then he should try a data recovery software(as recommended).

In both the cases he needs at least a spare hard drive.

Data recovery software solutions for every data recovery need!

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