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    Hard Disk dead


    by ecrwn ·

    I have an HP Brio running Win98. This morning the computer started giving me “Operating System Not Found” messages. I brought it up with a boot floppy and it seems that my Fat32 file is corrupted; Does anybody know of a program that will fix Fat32, even if its just a “band aid” cure, all I want is to try and get my data out of there. Or else any suggestions on how to get my data from that hard disk?

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      by tamj123 ·

      In reply to Hard Disk dead

      two things:
      1. your computer may infected witha a virus.
      Use an anti-virus program to detect and remove the virus, and then reinstall Windows. Boot-sector viruses infect computers by copying information either to the boot sector on a floppy disk or the partition table on a hard disk. During startup, the virus is loaded into memory. Once in memory, the virus typically infects any non-infected disks that your computer is connected to.

      2. Reinstall the windows system files.
      Start your computer by using the Windows 95 or Windows 98 Startup disk.
      At the command prompt, type the following commands, pressing ENTER after each command:
      attrib c:\msdos.sys -s -h -r
      copy c:\msdos.sys c:\
      sys c:
      attrib c:\msdos.sys -s -h -r
      del c:\msdos.sys
      copy c:\ c:\msdos.sys
      attrib c:\msdos.sys +s +h +r

      Remove the Windows Startup disk, and then restart the computer.

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      by csmith ·

      In reply to Hard Disk dead

      There are two main causes for this problem.
      The first is a Virus, as mentioned.
      This means you DAT files in your antivirus program are not up to date. Run an up to date antivirus program from a floppy.

      The second common cause is the beginnings of hard disk failure.
      Two copies of the FAT are kept on the HD.
      For this message to occur, both of them have to be bad.
      That you need to find a way to recover, means you have no backup program.
      The most common backup methods are: CD Burner, Second Hard Drive, and Tape.
      In that order. Tape is for the Servers.
      Now, the solution to corrupt FATs.
      There are several recovery programs available for free download from
      (Cnet is the parent of TechRepublic.)
      (I assume you have access to another PC, with Internet connection?)

      Recover My Files, and VirtualLab Data Recovery, are popular choices.
      Regards, Chris

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      by ryder007 ·

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      To get your data off of the drive you could install it on a known working machine and set it as a slave. Then copy what you need.

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      by pgm554 ·

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      How bout just running a scandisk?

      Then do a sys c: from the dos prompt and rewrite the boot block.

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      by donmars ·

      In reply to Hard Disk dead

      First make sure there are no virus causing this problem. You could try, from your windows startup disk, run scandisk or chkdisk. This should repair your FAT. A sure fire way to retrieve your data would be to create another drive by partioning with a utility called Partion Magic, install windows on the new partion and it will then boot of that partition where you will then see two drives the new one and the old one with your data intact. You cannot use DOS to partition because it will wipe out all your data. You can even convert your file system with Partition Magic to FAT16 and not have to do the partitioning thing. I see no reason why it would not be able to repair FAT32 also. Search for partion magic on NEXTAG.COM and you get a range of options for purchase.

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