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    hard disk drive not detected


    by skyshadow_5 ·

    hello good day….

    i have a problem with my pc..the ide drive was not seen on the ‘main’ cmos setup,when i highlight the ide drive and enter(explore) the hard disk was stated there..i can also logon to windows..but the problem is that the keyboard does not function once im on the windows..

    is there any possible solution to solve this problem aside from reformatting?

    help me pls..

    thanks in advance for ur response..

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      Reply To: hard disk drive not detected

      by fijired2 ·

      In reply to hard disk drive not detected

      Um, okay, if you can load into Windows, then the PC *can* see the hard drive, so it may the setting you’ve checked is for something else and hard disk is in another part of the BIOS.
      1. The obvious one – have you tried unplugging and then plugging the keyboard in?
      2. Another obvious one – have you tried with another keyboard?
      3. Have you tried booting into windows via safe mode? If you do, does the keyboard work?
      4. If all else fails, have you tried uninstalling the keyboard under Device Manager and then restarting Windows so an MS-written device driver is loaded?

      Good luck!

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      Reply To: hard disk drive not detected

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to hard disk drive not detected

      Well a couple of obvious things here 1 would be to change the BIOS Battery so you know that the one in there isn’t nearly flat this can cause all kinds of problems when this occurs.

      If you have recently fitted a new HDD it may not be compatible with the BIOS and you might need to flash the BIOS to a newer version. To do this you either need the M’Boards Makers Name & Model number or the System Makers Name Model Number & Serial Number then visit their Web Site and download the newest BIOS Upgrade available and Flash the BIOS. You’ll also need to read the direction on how to do this as different BIOS makers have different ways of performing this operation.

      It’s also possible that some Drive Makers Drive Utility was used because the drive is bigger than what the computers BIOS can see so the BIOS has effectively been tricked into not seeing a HDD because the Drive Makers Mounting Utility is in operation. If this is the case it’s quite possible that a new MS Patch has broken the links between the HDD makers Utility and Windows preventing your Keyboard from working.

      I would shut the system down unplug the mains for at least 3 minutes and then try again that may fix your problem. Failing that you’ll need to remove the Keyboard from the Device Manager and allow Windows to find it on the next reboot and install the necessary drivers which provided that the keyboard is still working will allow the system to work properly again.

      Have you tried this computer with a [b]Known Good Keyboard?[/b]

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      Reply To: hard disk drive not detected

      by skyshadow_5 ·

      In reply to hard disk drive not detected

      thanks for ur responses..

      i can’t go to device manager because the keyboard and mouse does not functioning..the keyboard is good condition coz when f2 is pressed it goes to cmos setup once i restart the pc.

      this pc is working well a few days ago..

      help !!!

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