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    Hard Disk Drive


    by villoria ·

    Hi, I have a HP Pavillion 5000z, the HHD, which by the way is Toshiba, crashed. I replaced it by a Samsung HDD.

    I?m trying to rescue the Toshiba HDD, so I bough an IcyBox for being able to connect this HDD via USB to my PC. For sure, the HDD has some bad clusters, but I also notice that when the disk is in horizontal position, it works really slow, so slow that may cause the PC to freeze; when it is in vertical position, it works fine. Obviously there are some mechanical problems. Does it make sense? How can I mark bad cluster in order to avoid windows to write data on them? Or may be there not bad cluster and I just have to use the HDD in vertical position, meaning that there some problems in the ?mechanical reading/writing hand system??



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      by mjd420nova ·

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      That’s really not all that unusual, I’ve seen many hard drives exhibit these problems. A change of physical orientation from horizontal to vertical and vice versa create bad clusters and tracks. Keep it in the plane that works best and recover what you can and the give it the heave ho. If you can find the diags for the toshiba drive, you’ll be able to ID the bad clusters and mark them. Sometimes a reformat after marking bad tracks and then an extensive burnin will return it to working order, but it would always be questionable.

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      by javier ·

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      Try this old trick, put your disk into the freezer this will cause the metal surface of the plates to shrink and help recover some areas marking them as bad.

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