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    Hard Disk format problem


    by mantona ·

    I’ve just reinstalled Windows onto a new Samsung HDD and everything is running good, except for the fact that I cannot seem to get my second New Samsung drive to format. I go into my computer, manage, and then select disk management. The new drive is visible here, but unfortunately when I try to create a new partion, I go through the wizard and then when I click finish the computer appears to hang. A timer appears and nothing appears to be happening. Can you help? Is there another way to create a new partion?

    Thank you

    Motherboard: Foxconn winfast NF4UK8AA
    NEW HDD’s: Samsung Spinpoint 500GB HD501LJ
    Old HD: WD Raptor 74GB

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      by mantona ·

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      Please try !!

      by internetspider ·

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      u can repartition by booting from windows xp cd and also u can reinstall fresh windows xp.

      the other way is that u can partition HDD by Norton PartitionMagic software. search by google and download it.


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        Another problem

        by mantona ·

        In reply to Please try !!

        Thank you the repartioning from Windows CD worked great.

        Unfortunately though I think that I’ve found a problem on one of the SATA connections on the motherboard. Whichever drive is plugged into the 2nd SATA connection does not access correctly. When I click on the drive in question, whichever one is attached to no:2 then it appears to crash the machine a little e.g. I cannot access the disk and an egg timer appears, I also cannot close the My Computer down after this and says ‘not responding’ in Task Manager. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

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