Hard Disk - Motherboard Compatibility

By jigneshdesai05 ·
I have 2 P.C.s as follows

P.C.1 : 865G/GVM3-V (MS -7101 V2.0) M-ATX MicroStar Motherboard
Pentium 4 Dual Core Processor
80 GB WD Hard Disk 1.5 Gb/s
250 Watt Power Supply
Bought in 2006

P.C.2 : M2N68-AM SE2 ASUS Motherboard
ATHALON Processor
250 GB Seagate BARRACUDA 7200.10 Hard Disk 3 Gb/s
400 Watt Power Supply
Bought in 2009

The Hard Disk on P.C.1 has the following thing written on it - 5v ... .48A
12v ... .50A

The Hard Disk on P.C.2 has the following thing written on it - 5v ... .72A
12v ... .52A

Now , I want to install the Hard Disk on P.C. 1 on P.C. 2 & Vice Versa .
However , I am concerned that when I try this out what if there is some spark or short-circuit due to some sort of power-mismatch because of which I end up killing one of the motherboards or Hard Disks . Can I safely just swap the 2 Hard Disks ? Is there any more information I need to give regarding these P.Cs ?

What are the precautions in general that one needs to bear in mind before adding new devices onto a P.C. Or in other words , how does one check whether a certain device will be compatible with a certain system or not ?

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seems like a power supply question

by markp24 In reply to Hard Disk - Motherboard C ...

Usually this should not be an issue, but depending on the # and power consumption of you rperipheals connected to the power supply, you may need a bigger one in PC 1. Your power supply needs to have enough watts to handle the power consumption of all your peripheals (mb, cd, video card, etc)
here is a powersupply sizing utilty from asus


in terms of compatibiltiy, you will want to ensure both mother boards and power supplies support (and have the appropriate connectors (unless you want to purchase adapters) the data interface of each drive, (one may be IDE and the other SATA).

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In general, if it will plug in, it will work

by robo_dev In reply to Hard Disk - Motherboard C ...

If your system 1 has an IDE hard drive, and system 2 has SATA, then it won't plug in.

The only time things spark or smoke is if you plug something in crooked, like if you do not seat a RAM module all the way in the slot.

In terms of power usage, any PC power supply should be adequate for at least one hard drive and one CD or DVD drive. 99% of them are fine for multiple hard drives. Where things can get dicey is if you have something like three OLD drives. Newer devices draw less power, while some old 80 gig drive may not play well with two other similar drives.

The result typically won't be any smoke, however, it will be that the system locks up more frequently and possibly some parts fail a bit sooner.

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will work

by spdrcrtob In reply to Hard Disk - Motherboard C ...

Should work. Judging from the speed you posted about the HDD itself in PC1, shouldn't be a problem since its a SATA1 or 150. Even SATA 3 (your motherboard listed for PC 2 has SATA 2) has compatibility for SATA1 devices.

Also judging from the components of the system doesn't look like its a high powered workstation or gaming rig so power from a 400 watt power supply shouldn't be a problem. Also plugging in a hard drive isn't going to cause sparks or smoke or any of that sort of drama. Usually what you are afraid of comes from popped or bad capacitors that will dry out and then pop. The electrolyte (not talking about Gatorade) that's in the capacitor will seep out or literally pop with sparks and smoke, but that's on a motherboard and doesn't usually happen with some sort of other obvious failure.

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