Hard Disk not detected during reinstallation

By dev25_kool ·
The problem is my system was hit by some kind of virus and i formatted the hard disk to reintall windows xp, now the when i go to the setup to set primary & secondary boot devices there is no hard disk listed there.Please help.

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is drive detected in BIOS?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Hard Disk not detected du ...

it sounds like you reformatted the drive in another pc? If so, check to make sure cabling and jumpering is correct. set the drive jumper to 'master' or 'sole drive' and put it on the 'end' of your ide cable. then boot and watch the black screen to see that the drive is detected. sorry if this is not the question you are asking...

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Re: Hard Disk not detected during reinstallation

Can you go into your "bios"?. If so look to the section of where your hdd's was/is listed, something like "HDD1 Auto, HDD2 Auto" click on "auto" and do a manual search for the drives. Are your drives IDE or RAID?. If Raid then you will need to go into the "raid" section of the "bios" or select "ide as raid" in the "IDE" section. Different motherboards have different settings,, you could (after you get your computer working of course) download a new "bios" update, if your motherboard is not too old. Hope this helps you.

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