Hard disk not detecting

By nithy_chem33 ·
hard disk is dtecting in BIOS and disk management but showing error in windows please clarify

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bad question

by prrethish In reply to Hard disk not detecting

U didnt completed ur question
Plz clarify
what error u r getting in windows

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showing error

by nithy_chem33 In reply to bad question

Its detecting in BIOS but not showing in windows (my computer)

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by PurpleSkys In reply to showing error

does the error say anything? do you get a blue screen with writing on it? is the drive formatted?

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Have you Formatted the HDD yet?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to showing error

I'm assuming that this is a new HDD so it needs to be Formatted to appear in My Computer in Windows.

To do this Open the Drive Management locate the new drive and move the Mouse Pointer over it. You should be greeted with a request to prepare the Drive for use so click on the Yes button and then follow the prompts.

If this is a SATA Drive connected to an existing Windows system without any SATA Drives already connected you'll need the SATA Driver for your OS and M'Board.

So if you bought a complete Name Brand System go tot he Makers Web Site and download the driver for SATA or Chip Set for your OS and install it. If it's a White Box go to the M'Boards Makers Web Site and get the same driver and install it.


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by oldbaritone In reply to Hard disk not detecting

Versions, drive size, hardware interface

Older versions of Windows have limitations on the size drive they can use. Perhaps yours is too large.

Early versions of Windows came out before some HDD controllers (e.g. SATA, SATA-II) were invented. Perhaps you must load additional drivers in order to get the OS to recognize the drive.

There are many possibilities. Without specifics, it is impossible to tell which difficulty you may have.

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check this

by prrethish In reply to Hard disk not detecting

did u make partition & formatted u r new hdd
u can do it through disk managment
I dont know which windows u r using

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by NexS In reply to Hard disk not detecting

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