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    hard disk partition


    by malinda1978 ·

    i would like to know partition of pc,with steps of troubleshooting

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      I don’t understand the question?

      by mattaall ·

      In reply to hard disk partition

      What do you want to know how to partition a hardrive how to run multiple OS’s, and what do you want to toubleshoot. (Please specify what the problem is)

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      Reply To: hard disk partition

      by gunida ·

      In reply to hard disk partition

      Partitioning( i.e the hard disk) is just dividing your hard disk into individual parts so that if one fails you still have others where you can get some of your stored information.Partition depends on which OS you want to install.Win2000 can used to partition during the setup.For win98 you can use the start up disk and goto fdisk.Linux can partition your hard disk automatically if you want to.I hope i have helped

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      HDD Partition

      by kiran.maan ·

      In reply to hard disk partition

      Partition is:

      1. giving a logical name to particular HDD part
      2. will create a File Allocation Table to maintain data registers to process data calculation.
      3. co-ordinate with processor function and memory calculation.

      Partition can be done through FDISK.

      Want more information,please ask me.

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