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    Hard Disk Partition


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    There was a problem in my system. Windows also was not able to re install. I deleted all the partition from the hard drive. When i was re partitioning the hard disk i went through enable large amount support. But while making partition available space show only 10gb/ 80gb. I am not able to get this space even after formating the partition. Many times i am getting this problem. I dont know where i am doing the wrong.

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      It depends on what windows

      by nentech ·

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      Sounds like windows 98 which has a problem with disks over 64 GigaBytes

      You should use LBA or Auto not large

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      Y can try this!

      by internetspider ·

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      Boot ur system from windows xp cd and then delete all partitions, also create and format all partitions, if u r using earlier operating system u have to format them in Fat32 mode otherwise as u like. and then install ur operating system

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