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    Hard Disk Password


    by n_lepilepi ·

    I Have an Acer TravelMate2483WXMi Notebook but cannot get in because it prompts me for the Primary Hard Disk Password during bootup. Can get into CMOS but asks me for the current password in order to reset a new password.

    Owner cannot remember the password.

    Pls help..


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      by n_lepilepi ·

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      reset password

      by dangolrajesh ·

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      I think you are saying that you cannot enter to the CMOS. If you forgot ur password please take out your CMOS battery and start it or you can change the jumper setting of the BIOS. Then ur password would be reset and you can enter to the BIOS.
      Try this

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        Not CMOS

        by n_lepilepi ·

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        Hi Dangolrajesh;

        Its not the CMOS.

        Its the Hard disk password that prompts even before you enter the CMOS when you start up the machine.

        I Can enter CMOS by pressing enter 3/4 times on the HDD password promt screen but still when I get to the CMOS setting, it still needs the hard disk password to change the password.

        I am not talking about the user/Supervisor password in CMOS.

        Also pls advise how I can change jumper setting for the BIOS. Cannot locate the BIOS/CMOS battery.

        Might need a software to break through.


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      Recovery difficult

      by gary56789 ·

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      The following url will help you understand what is going on here

      Try for common passwords for hard drives for your particular BIOS (unless the owner made up their own). It has a link to a service (costly) which might be able to help if all else fails, but it fails to mention your Acer.

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      my computer is dell desck top computer versio 620 the haddisk is loucked

      by derejerufael ·

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      dear heper
      to send me amessage to remove system in hadick dell computer

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