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    hard disk problem


    by sudhakar23 ·

    after inserting my WINDOWS XP OS CD into my drive , every thing has been asked tat is to press f8 everything but while checking the previous version of windows it takes too many hours but it could’nt able to proceed, pls any one help me

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      by sudhakar23 ·

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      Are you trying to do a fresh install of XP?

      by darryl~ ·

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      You didn’t really make that totally clear.

      If it doesn’t proceed after pressing F8, you may have a problem with your hard drive, so the following instructions are useless….if you can mount the Hard Drive in another PC, try running CHECKDSK on it to see if you get any errors.

      If you don’t care about what may be on the hard drive & just want to get a new install of XP, then you could try deleting the partition(s) & creating a new one.
      Because of where it’s hanging up on you (checking previous operating systems) the utility on the XP CD isn’t loaded yet.
      There’s a few ways to delete the partitions besides using the XP CD…a windows 98 boot disk works well if you have one….you use the FDISK utility on it to delete the partitions.
      Another good way is to use the disk management feature on a Ultimate Boot CD for Windows….. you can download it at the following link…

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        m i would agree with Darryl~

        by markp24 ·

        In reply to Are you trying to do a fresh install of XP?


        Darryl is right, you most likly have some coruuptions or bad sectors on the disk, UBCD4win is great for this (it has drive imagxml, for backing up to an image, network support, other disk utilities, etc, or you can even use a linux cd to recover/backup the data then format the drive if you cant get a hold of UBCD4win

        good luck,


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      The other thing you can check

      by oh smeg ·

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      Is the HDD function with it’s makers Testing Utility.

      If the HDD is on the way out you’ll get this type of error as well. 😉

      A full list of the HDD Makers Testing Utilities is available here


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        Additional Drivers – F6

        by oldbaritone ·

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        Your hardware may also require a special driver, which may be installed during setup by pressing “F6 to install additional drivers” and insert the driver disk for the controller.

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      Did any of the suggestions help?

      by markp24 ·

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      Hi please give a thumbs up to any of the suggesstions that helped , if any.

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