hard disk problem

By shamsan2002 ·
I have hard disk WD1600BEVT driver parameters LBA 3125581808 in my laptop while I repaire another hard disk by hirens utilities with disk edit tools I do mestaic >>
Now my hard disk not working and my PC could not see the hard disk
please can you help me

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by robo_dev In reply to hard disk problem

When you say your PC cannot see the drive, do you mean it does not show up in the BIOS setup screens?

What make/model laptop?

As part of this repair, did you uninstall or remove your WD drive from your PC, then reinstall it?

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Also download a copy of Data Lifeguard for DOS here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to hard disk problem

And use it to test your HDD.

If the drive doesn't show up with this software it's not properly installed in the computer.

Of course normal testing with this utility requires you to test the drive int he original computer first and then if it fails that test remove it fit it to another system and retest.

If it fails the second test the drive has gone to Silicon Heaven but if it passes the second test the M'Board, Power Supply or Data Lead in the original computer is faulty and needs replacing.


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