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Hard Disk Recovery with Windows XP

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hello everyone

I have got a hard disk which was working with windows xp but I dont know what happend to it when I shutted down my pc last night it was hanged up and was not going to normal shutdown, therefore I had to switch it off manually. after this incident I am not able to access my backup hard disk. the windows explorer in xp shows me the drive letter "G:" but when I try to read it the error comes up "Unformated drive. do you need to format disk"
In properties of drive Samsung, size= 2056MB
Partition style = MBR
Un allocated space = 16MB
Reserve = 0
In DOS mode when I try to access the drive G: I get different message "the volume does not contain a recognised file system,PLSmake sure all rquired files system drivers are loaded
& that the volume is not corrupted".

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by jrodri1636 In reply to Hard Disk Recovery with W ...

Do you have internet access? Sounds like a virus.

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by Jim Brubaker In reply to Hard Disk Recovery with W ...

If you can get on the internet, go to (Mcafee in disguise) run it and see if you have been hit. If so, write down what it is. Then go to that turns into the Symantic page, go to downloads and then virus removal tools, and pick your virus and download. You'll prbably have to run this in DOS mode, and if your floppy has room, I recommend running smartdrv.exe (load it in autoexec.bat). I've had a virus program take 6 hours to run without it.

Even if you found nothing, sometimes a snap shutdown can mess up the mbr

Since you have a dos boot disk, set your g drive as c and floppy boot to it and do fdisk /mbr.

don't use fdisk /mbr if you have an Ontrack hard drive overlay-- this is a program that would allow old systems to see hard drives bigger that the motherboard could reconize.

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