Hard disk showing full

By motasimjawaid ·
I've a hard disk with 80GB capacity. Firt 2 drives (C & D) and formatted on NTFS, where the E and F drives are formatted on FAT. My F drive's capacity is 18GB and there is total data of 3GB. But the hard disk shows full (shows only one hundred and something MB space) and don't allow me to save big files. Where the remaining space lost? Please help me out.

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Are you talking about 4 partitions on one HD ? . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Hard disk showing full

What size is EACH partition ?

What operating system are you using ?

What format of FAT is on E: & F: ?

Have you run a defrag on EACH partition ?

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And, what is telling you..............

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Hard disk showing full

As well as the questions Old Mycroft asked, what is it you're using to tell you how much data is on F and what tells you the drive is full? Knowing what you are looking at will help us.

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by wesley.chin In reply to And, what is telling you. ...

there was a machine here that was like that too, though not to that degree.

When was the last time that a scandisk was done? Sometimes the OS may not be reporting the correct information due errors.

Do you have system restore on? if so, there is probably is lot of old restore points that are accumulating. Each one takes a substantial amount of space.

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by ramuvr In reply to Hard disk showing full

Try a check disk on the drive.
Also goto disk manger and check if you drives are properly formatted and working.
And they are not dynamic disk....

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