Hard Disk stops spinning suddenly

By pathum_8 ·
Hi everyone!...My PC is a P4, the motherboard is MSI, and I have a 80Gb Hitachi HDD with 384Mbs of RAM.Sometimes when I bootup, the HDD is not detected by BIOS, so I switch off and reconnect the data n power cables n the HDD is detected.Occasionally when I work on my PC I hear some weird sound from the HDD and the system crashes. When it has crashed sometimes I hear the HDD trying to spin-up again.Eventually I restart the system or it restarts automatically and after that restart the HDD is not detected.So I reconnect the cables and it works again.Could it be a problem in the data cables?I use a UPS as well but it doesn't stabilize the power so could this be caused by some polarity change in the mains voltage(ie: the Live n neutral changing)I lost one 40Gb hard disk the same way...I don't won't to loose this one..Pls help///

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Go the the Hitachi Web Site

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hard Disk stops spinning ...


Download the testing utility for your HDD and test it. If it fails the test plug it into another computer and test it again. If it now passes the test the M'Boards Controller is bad and if it fails the test the HDD is bad.


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Same problem

by jolinar In reply to Hard Disk stops spinning ...

Hi there, I was glad to see you have the same problem, so to say, I haven't seen anybody else having it also this way.
So I run a 320 GB Samsung drive in an Asus mb, P4, 1GB ram.
The drive sometimes stops spinning, and all I can do is shut down the windows. At starts in cold weather, under about 21?C it also won't start, I have to replug the cables like you. Have you found any solution in the past 2 years? :) I used to have this problem with an old IDE drive, but it was becuse the worn mobile rack cables.
Thanks in advance!

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