Hard disk test failed .message appears replace hard disk.

By ehtisham.andrabi ·
The base of my laptop heats up and shuts down of it's own.after one such incident ,after startup there appears a blank screen and nothing else .I ran hard disktest . And it failed.message which appeared was replace hard disk .what can be the reason of this and is there any option to take back up of data .am using vista. Thnks

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There are special places that can recover your data

by Slayer_ In reply to Hard disk test failed .me ...

But it's expensive. Otherwise, your data is gone. Take this as a lesson to always backup your data, keep your laptop ventilated, and monitor your hard drives SMART data for any signs of failure.

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thanks.can I change hard disk

by ehtisham.andrabi In reply to There are special places ...

Do I have to replace the hard disk only or something else also.the laptop was always well ventilated but it's "fan" seemed not to be working well

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Yes, you can just replace the drive

by Slayer_ In reply to thanks.can I change hard ...

You may want to take it to a computer repair shop to do this.

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Well there are several issues here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hard disk test failed .me ...

Firstly instead of testing with the NB Makers Test Utility you should use the HDD Makers Testing Utility. You can get this here

Just left click on the Drive Makers Name to get that Brands testing Utility.

Then if the drive fails the test you remove the drive fir to another computer and retest. If it still fails the test the Drive is Dead and needs replacing.

However if it passes the second Test the M'Board, any Connector tot he HDD is faulty and needs replacing.

Quite often a Failing HDD message can reflect a HDD controller on the M'Board failing and not the actual HDD. This is far more common with NB's that get Hot when they are running.

There is also the matter of reducing the heat that some NB's develop you should have a Cool Pad under every NB all of the time that it is in use to prevent excessive heat buildup and airborne crud getting sicked into the NB restricting the cooling of the unit.

I personally supply this model Antec NB Cooler with every new NB that I supply

and as yet the only warranty claim that I have had to deal with was one Optical Drive where the ribbon Cable tot he Read/write head came unglued. There just isn't an issue with Hardware failures with these in place and being used. Though there are many other brands available I have always used the Antec ones because I get them easier and more reliably from my main supplier than others that may be around. Though I know many people who buy cheap versions of these on E Bay and are happy with them.

As for if the HDD is actually faulty you can replace it with a suitable replacement unit and you can recover the data off it but you first need to find out if the HDD is actually faulty. If it isn't replacing the HDD will not fix the problem with the NB and it will result in a expensive Data Recovery that may not be necessary.

You should first remove the HDD fit it to either another computer or USB Enclosure/Data Cable and see if it works in another computer. If it does just copy your Data off the Drive and save it where it is useful to you.

USB Data Cable

USB Enclosure

If you are doing a lot of repairs I would suggest the Data Cable as it can connect to all types of HDD including the 2.5 Inch used in NB and the Desktop Drives. But if you are planing on using the drive a lot externally you must use a USB Enclosure and ideally a Metal Type Enclosure to help stop the drive from overheating. Ideally you should not use any external Drive all of the time as it will overheat and fail sooner than it should. Unless you use an Actively Cooled Enclosure like the MX1 from Antec.

This is an actively cooled SATA Enclosure that can take either the 2.5 or 3.5 inch SATA Drives and connect through either USB or ESATA interfaces. With something like this all you need worry about is Vibrational Damage caused by moving the drive when it is running and the Partition Tables being corrupted by not closing off the drive properly. With normal Uncooled Enclosures the Drives overheat and fail.

Of course if the drive is dead you need to send it to a Professional Data Recovery House who can work with Dead HDD's and recover the Data off them. I chose On Track for this type of work because they are handy to where I live & Work and have an excellent Track Record but there are other places who are capable of doing this type of work. You just need to confirm that who ever gets the drive can actually work with Dead HDD's before sending it to them.


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And if it is still under warranty

by seanferd In reply to Hard disk test failed .me ...

have the vendor fix it.

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finallly replaced Hard disk

by ehtisham.andrabi In reply to And if it is still under ...

so i finally replaced the hard disk, and some repair in the mother board(for overheatin),but the problem now is that vista needs to be loaded and i have my vista CD ,but it doesnt boot,,even though the CD/DVD drive is selected in boot doesnt boot.
The same DVD works well when used in other notebook.
i also remember that my CD drive didnt work well before.maybe that is also a reason.If that is the case ,what are my other options.

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Well again there are a couple of options here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to finallly replaced Hard di ...

You can replace the Optical Drive with a new one or copy the Vista Install Disc to a USB Thumb Drive and then enter the BIOS and set that to boot from a USB Device and load Vista that way.

Don't forget to save the changes when you exit the BIOS so that the settings sticks.


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usb device.

by ehtisham.andrabi In reply to Well again there are a co ...

wud it work by copying the vista setup to usb device and then, booting from that usb?
i mean can the comp detect it?even after choosing Usb as in the boot options.

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USB Device

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to usb device.

Yes if the computer can boot from a USB Device the computer will detect the USB Thumb Drive and install the Vista Files from there.

Only thing is that have to be in the Root of the Thumb Drive so copy the Install DVD directly to the Thumb Drive Do Not place the Install Files into a Folder as the Computer will fail to see the Install Files and be unable to run them.


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