Hard Disk will not boot- need help

By ClawsMcPaws ·
First of all, thanks for reading my post. I am trying to get my old computer working again. It is a Sony Vaio p4. The HD is a Seagate ATA with windows XP installed. I turn it on and get a message something like insert boot disk and push any key.

The computer will boot up when I put in a Linux CD (in Linux). In linux the HD is not recognized.

I am guessing there is power to the HD because when I turn on the computer and hold the HD it is moving around.

I am positive the HD works because when I hook it up to my new computer it boots up on it's OS.

I dont see any option to enter bios/setup. As soon as I flip the on switch I hit ESC, f1-f12 and nothing happens except the boot disk message.

Any ideas???
PLease help!

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Well I think you have answered your own question here

by OH Smeg In reply to Hard Disk will not boot- ...

Normally I would say test the HDD with the HDD Makers Testing utility if it fails the first test remove it fit it to another computer and test again. If it still doesn't pass the Drive has gone to Silicon Heaven but if it passes on the second test the IDE Controller on the M'Board or the Power Supply or the Data Lead is toast and needs replacing.

As the Power Regulation Circuits are part of the M'Board here and there is no Data Lead that sort of just leaves the M'Boards IDE Controller as the possible option.

So have you tried inserting the Sony Recovery CD and see what happens when it reaches the stage of asking where you want to install Window's?


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more info

by ClawsMcPaws In reply to Well I think you have ans ...

After many hours of randomly hooking up and un hooking up things I hooked the HD to the same power and data cords as my DVD drive. It booted up. I just don't have a second CD drive. oh well at least it worked.

Anyone have any ideas why this happened?

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Bad controler on the motherboard...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to more info

... or bad cable, one of the two.

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I remember one case with a IBM NB

by OH Smeg In reply to Bad controler on the moth ...

Where an adapter that went between the M'Board and HDD wasn't put back in so the HD wasn't actually contacting the M'Board. That had a Gender Bender from a Male to Female Plug and someone forgot to refit it when they reassembled the NB.

Bad mistake there and I don't know how it was passed as working when there was no way known that it could.

But if that isn't the case here it's either the IDE Controller or the Data Lead between the IDE Controller and the HDD. This can include Tracks on the M'Board here.


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Gender Bender between controller and HDD?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I remember one case with ...

Never heard of it! Of course, I don't work inside laptops very often. I thought that's what data cables were for!

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Only if they where designed correctly to begin with. :0

by OH Smeg In reply to Gender Bender between con ...

Silly arraignment really and a easy one to mess up. That is why you have to look at everything you remove with NB's and then look again. It's amazing what you can miss sometimes.


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