hard disks not recognized

By xabier.artola ·
I have a problem with an internal hard disk and a USB external disk. After a system crash (blue screen once, very slow start since then) both disks are not recognized by the BIOS, but when connected through an enclosing USB interface the system recognizes them as "not initialized". Using an information recovery software, I have been able to "see" the directory structurein one of these disks, which appears to be not damaged.
The hard disk where the system resides works, but, as I said before, starting is very slow.
Any help?
Thanks in advance,


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Repair disks

by p.j.hutchison In reply to hard disks not recognized

Sounds like the file systems on the disks have been damaged and you need to use some recovery software to backup or repair the files on the disks.

Then you will need to reformat the disks again and restore the data back (you do keep backups!).

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Active@ Partition Recovery

by 1bn0 In reply to hard disks not recognized

Just went throught this last night with the son aof a friend. He keeps messing with (and messing up) his computer. He was dual booting xp and vista. crashed one drive, ran some other software on it and THEN calls for help.

Active@ Partition Recovery restored the partition information and made the data accessible from his XP boot drive.

Not recognising the drive in BIOS.

From your description you originally had one internal and one external drive.

Did you try connecting BOTH drives internally? If you did and did not change the external drive from Master (usual default for external drive) to Slave and connected it to the same cable as the existing internal drive, then you would get the result you described. (BIOS does not recognise either drive. Two masters create a conflict). Try each drive individually internally. Work on one drive at a time.

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