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By kal_lmn ·
first off, id like to apologize for my typing... as i am using my wii. my hard drive is acting up. i boot my pc, and it just says "searching for esata drives please wai" oddly enough, it doesnt have the t in wait. anyways... after it searches, it says invalid system disk, insert drive and press enter. i tried plugging it into other esata slots on my mobo, changing the power cord, and booting from a live cd to make sure my sata slots are working. just out of curiosity, i felt thr hard drive as i booted, and felt no rotation. what is going on? it was working fine this morning, i just left on my computer, turned off the monitor, went to school, returned home, turned on my computer, thought it just went to sleep, and pressed the power button. it is a seagate baracuda 7200.11 rpm 500 gb hard drive. please help, and thank you for any help provided.

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Is it being seen in BIOS?

by Mhofu In reply to hard drive

Hi, have you tried to go into the BIOS of your machine? If so is it seeing the hard drive? if not then it might be a goner.
If you are able to use another machine to scan for viruses on the hard drive.That might also be helpful, but that will mean HDD is fine just infected.

Let us know how it goes
Best Reagrds

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no bios

by kal_lmn In reply to Is it being seen in BIOS?

yes i have tried the bios, but my hard drive is un recognized. what could have caused it to suddenly die like that?

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Leaving it on in an External Case

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to no bios

Is always a good way to kill a HDD. Most cases are not actively cooled so the HDD can overheat and fry the Electronics on the Circuit Board on the Bottom of the HDD.

The other thing that can happen with any External HDD is that when it gets bumped it suffers a shock and the Heads make contact with the Platters which destroys the heads and the section of the platters that they made contact with.

But if the drive isn't spinning it is most likely that the Circuit Board has suffered a Electronic Failure and is no longer providing the correct signals/power to the HDD to spin it up or move the Read Write Heads.

If you need to have an ESATA Drive on constantly you need a case like this


These are actively cooled so they prevent any overheating of the enclosed HDD's but do very little to prevent vibrational Damage.


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bought a new one

by kal_lmn In reply to Leaving it on in an Exter ...

well, My other hard drive was an internal one, in an Antec 900 case which has excellent airflow, and the HD was nowhere near any other hardware, other than a few power supply cords which are in insulating wrap which protect against extreme heats, so I doubt the cords were fried (plus with my new hard drive, I am using the same power supply cords). Also, instead of stating a new question for my new one... I'll just state it here, unless I get a small amount of replies,

My new problem is getting an OS to install on my new hard drive. It is also sata, just like the old one, and Ubuntu installs perfectly, just my previous vista wont work. I get an error that says "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing" I told my friends about this, and one gave me a couple of cracked OS for the mean time until I can figure out the problem and reinstall my previous vista. One of the Vistas he gave me had the same problem, the other had a different error. It kept saying "Windows Boot Manager" "Windows could not boot" "Status: 0xc0000225" What can this mean? Are these caused by the same error? or are they completely unrelated? Oddly enough though, the only OS that will work is Black XP, which my friend also gave me, but it seems to run slow or buggy on my computer. Any help in recovering my old Vista will be greatly appreciated, so thanks for any help offered.

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Make sure that APIC is enabled

by Jacky Howe In reply to bought a new one

The APIC Function BIOS feature is used to enable or disable the motherboard's APIC (Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller). APIC provides multiprocessor support, more IRQs and faster interrupt handling.
If your single-processor motherboard supports APIC and you are using a Win32 operating system (Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista and W7), it's recommended that you enable this feature to allow faster and better IRQ handling. If you are using a multiprocessor motherboard, you must enable this feature because it's required for IRQ handling in multiprocessor systems.

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